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Nick Knowles Defends £349,000 Salary From The BBC!

He’s the presenter of DIY SOS and Who Dares Wins but it seems Nick Knowles is the only one who wins.

Nick is apparently on a whopping £349,00 salary paid for by the BBC eating the same amount of money as top footballers do for presenting the two BBC shows.

Now nick has defended his massive pay packet as he said that  senior broadcasters’ earnings are as justifiable as top Premier League strikers.

He continued to say to The Sun:

“On a personal level of course it’s quite difficult. But there are proper reasons, and I think most people in the industry understand it.

“It is essentially a Premier League team paying a striker to score them 20 goals and keep them in the Premiership so that they can get another £100million — and that’s exactly what we do.

“As a TV presenter if a production company makes a series of programmes and it gets two and a half million viewers it won’t get another commission.

He went on to say:

“If you hire a presenter that actually carries a number of viewers with them, it’ll get five and a half million viewers, it’ll get another series and they’ll get another half a million pounds worth of business – so it’s a good bit of business.

“Anybody who earns a lot takes some explaining to people that don’t, and we live in an imperfect world where somebody who sings songs for a living makes more than a heart surgeon.”

Nick has gone from strength to straight on the box after growing up on a council estate in Southall, west London.

Nick Knowles Denies Being A Womaniser After Dating String Of Women

Nick Knowles Denies Being A Womaniser After Dating String Of Women

He’s been linked to a string of women but now Nick Knowles has said that he is not a womanizer and admitted that he cant go out with a woman without being linked in the press.

Talking to Lorraine Kelly on Monday morning the presenter turned singer has said:

“I’m picking up this reputation as a womaniser, and I’m not actually dating anybody.”

Nick was one linked to dating a woman in the press called Tori but now Nick has cleared up what happened as he said:

Knowles continued to say:

“Her husband doesn’t particularly like going to events and I was on my own going to an event so I said ‘do you wanna come along?’. So she came along.”

Other women who Nick has ‘dated’ include Julia Suzuki, Lark Rise to Candleford actress Olivia Hallinan, and former Towie star Pascal Craymer.

Nick Knowles Insists He’s Single After String Of Relationships In Just A Year

Nick Knowles Insists He’s Single After String Of Relationships In Just A Year

Nick Knowles is no stranger to having a beautiful woman on his arm but now he has insisted that he is ‘single’. Nick who has dated a few women over the last few years including a Towie star and Emmerdale actress but now he Is now flying solo.

But is he?

Nick has said that he has a lot of ‘attractive female friends’ as she clearly showed at the pride of Britain awards where he was spotted chatting to a group of young women.

Talking to The Mirror he said:

“Music, rugby, motorbikes were my first big passions. And women!

“I’ve had some of my guitars longer than I have had relationships, sadly.”

It was only last year that Nick split from his wife Jessica and since then He has dated Gemma Oaten, before moving on to Towie Pascal Craymer, but he has denied being in a relationship with either of them.

He has also enjoyed dates with with Olivia Hallinan, author Julia Suzuki, and Della O’Sullilvan.


He’s life the Uk version of Hugh Hefner.