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Nicola McLean Says David Van Day “Sexually’ Was Inaproprite With Her In I’m A Celebrity Jungle

Nicola McLean Has said that David Van Day was inappropriate towards her in the I’m A Celebrity jungle.

Nicola said that the Bucks Fizz star use to smack her bottom while they where both on the reality show and also gave her a kiss in the cheek unwanted.

Nicole has spoken to the Sun and said:

uncomfortable’ behaviour was okay because she was a glamour model who ‘gets her boobs out for a living’.

‘He even said “I’m a hot blooded male and I can see two things I like.” If David Van Day had done what he did to me to someone who wasn’t a glamour model, there would have been uproar.’

More news to come…

Nicola Mclean Shows Off Her Brand New Wedding Ring

She’s been away from her husband for over a month recently while she was in the Celebrity Big Brother house but it seems that Nicola McLean’s husband really missed her as he has brought her a brand new wedding ring.

Nicola showed off the ring what her bea Tom Williams brought her on Valentine’s day despite being spotted out with a number of women while she was in the house.

The blonde beauty showed off the massive diamond ring on her Instagram page and with the photo she said:


“Have to say a huge thank you to @sparklingjewellery for making this ring for Tom to surprise me with,” she wrote.

“I liked my costume version of it but I love my real one even more”

It’s beautiful.

Emma Willis Gets Slammed By Celebrity Big Brother Viewers After She Fails To Ask Nicola McLean About That Kiss With Jamie O’Hara

Emma Willis Gets Slammed By Celebrity Big Brother Viewers After She Fails To Ask Nicola McLean About That Kiss With Jamie O'Hara

Emma Willis has been slammed by Celebrity Big Brother viewers as they have accused the host of letting Nicola McLean off lightly with her eviction interview.

The viewers have said that Emma never mentioned that kiss between Jamie O’Hara at the start of the series despite her being married.

The viewers took to their Twitter accounts to air their views and one of the users even said that Emma should lose her job over the interview.

One person said:

Why has @EmmaWillis given Nicola an easy interview. Biased by any chance. If she goes in on Kim she should be sacked! #cbb

While another shared:

Nicola got off lightly. Emma didn’t even bother, just let Nicola go off chatting shite.#CBB

While another just simply said:

Emma is the WORST interviewer… #cbb

We are not sticking up for Emma but she is told the questions what to ask so it may have not been her fault.

Coleen Nolan Is Named Winner Of Celebrity Big Brother 2017

She’s had her ups and downs in the Celebrity Big Brother house but tonight Coleen Nolan was crowned winner of the show.

Coleen seemed really shocked to win the show as she just bead Jedward who came second in the public vote.

Throughout her time in the house she has worried about what the public think about her as during task when she received some nasty tweets she didn’t take it well so winning the show hopefully would prove to her that she is liked by the public.

She said walking out of the house:

“I’ve never won anything in my life, on my own, ever,”

“I dread to see my daughter’s phone bill but thank you.

“I didn’t deserve to win it, I’ve been so boring in there.”

We are so glad that she won out of the finalists who where left.

Have a look at the runners up list below.

1st: Coleen Nolan 

2nd: Jedward

3rd: Kim Woodburn

4th: James Cosmo 

5th: Nicola Mclean

6th: Bianca Gasciogne

Nicola McLean’s Husband Tom Williams Calls Kim Woodburn And Jedward C Word In Twitter Rant

His wife has been in the Celebrity Big Brother house for a month now and even though he has been partying most nights it seems Tom Williams has been watching the show closely.

Tom has hit out at housemates Kim Woodburn and Jedward after he called them the C word for arguing with his wife Nicola McLean.

Taking to his Twitter account he tweeted:

 ‘C**ts attract c**ts #Kim #Jedward yeah I dropped the C bomb #cbb @bbuk.’

This comes after Nicola got into another bitter spat with Kim just days before the final of the show after they buried the hatchet and agreed to get one.

We just hope that he’s not at the final tonight otherwise it might all kick off.

Nicola McLean Has A Change Of Heart Over Kim Woodburn As She Admits She’s The ‘Funniest Person’

They have rowed for most of the time in the Celebrity Big Brother house but now it seems with the final just around the corner Nicola McLean and Kim Woodburn are finally getting on.

Nicola has now admitted that Kim is the “funniest” person she’s ever met in her life.

It a turn of events Nicola told Kim last night that she wanted for them to both be friends moving on even though Kim has called Nicola a “little b***h.

This comes after Nicola and Bianca Gascoigne were joking with Kim about having a future career as a sex hot line worker.

Nicola said to Kim:

You’d do really well on the sex line,”

Kim then replied:

“If television work doesn’t come in after this I’ll be on the bloody sex line,”

“Bend over, I’ll whip your bum with a lettuce leaf.”

Nicola then told her other housemates that she is please that they are finally getting on.

It’s nice to see them getting on because they really have hated each other over the last few weeks.