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Second Late Arrival On I’m A Celebrity Scrapped After ITV Pay Noel Edmonds £600,000

According to sources ITV have decided to to ‘scrap’ the twelve camp mate due to the amount of money they paid to have Noel Edmonds in the jungle on I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here.

Sources have been saying that they are paying a whopping £600,000 for Noel to enter the jungle s he will be the highest paid celebrity on the show this series.

Due to them paying him so much money the show bosses have decided not to have a the last camp mate like they normally do.

A source has said:

 ‘Bosses for I’m A Celebrity spent so much on signing Noel for the show that there’s only 11 contestants planned this year.

Noel Edmonds Reignites His Feud With Phillip Schofield On Twitter After Cancer Interview On This Morning

Noel Edmonds Reignites His Feud With Phillip Schofield On Twitter After Cancer Interview On This Morning

They didnt see eye to eye during Noel Edmonds interview on This Morning back in the summer but now six months after Noel and Phillip Schofield have reignited their feud on Twitter.

It all started six months ago when Noel admitted that he feels cancer is caused by negative thoughts and he was invited onto This Morning to talk about his comments

Tweeting to Phillip and his 67,000 followers, Noel said:

‘@Schofe -negative people are more vulnerable to serious illness and premature death -source Cambridge Institute & today Harvard University.’

Phil then replied:

‘@NoelEdmonds but were they incredibly insensitive and tactless in their delivery of said research?’

Noel then replied:

‘I posed a question in response to abuse You corrupted the truth and made a fool of yourself. Your ego is larger than your intellect.’

Schofield then replied back:

‘must be awful to brood for so long! Are you being negative?’

To what Noel ended the spat by saying:

‘@Schofe point proved. I rest my case.’ to which Phillip fired back: ‘thank God for that.’

My goodness.

Noel Edmonds Sends Twitter Crazy After He Admits He Want’s Phone Service For PETS


Noel Edmonds has sent Twitter crazy after he suggested that he would like to create a phone service for pets!

This comes just week’s after it was annouced that the 67-year-old’s television show, Deal Or No Deal has been axed.

With his new phone service Fans would need to put their telephone details into his website and he would prank call their pets.

Taking to his website he said:

‘What would life be like without our feathered, furry, scaly friends?

‘Well the answer is- pretty miserable. So I want to make these precious chums feel important and appreciated.

He continued:

‘It’s amazing how a simple brief phone call can pick up the spirits of the most dejected hamster, the most stressed goldfish and the most neurotic cat.

‘Please allow me to call your pet and offer positive words of appreciation and motivation.’

Reading what Noel had been tweeting the world of Twitter just couldnt believe what he was saying.

One person took to their Twitter to say:

Noel Edmonds has just realised the flat in his new business plan. Not many pets own phones.’

Another said:

‘Hamsters: Wheel Or No Wheel.’

Wow we think Noel has lost the plot.

Noel Edmonds Voted Britain’s Favourite Children’s TV Presenter

Noel Edmonds Voted Britain’s Favourite Children’s TV Presenter

Noel Edmonds Voted Britain's Favourite Children's TV Presenter

Noel Edmonds has been voted Britain’s favourite children’s TV presenter.

Noel who shot to fame hosting the hit show The Swap Shop beat off other hosts such as Phillip Schofield, Ant and Dec and more.

As some of you may know Phillip hosted BBC’s The Broom Cupboard in 1985 and Ant and Dec’s 1970s ITV show Tiswas.

See the full list below:

  • 1. Noel Edmonds – Swap Shop
  • 2. Ant and Dec – SMTV Live
  • 3.Val…

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