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Kim Kardashian Gets Daughter North West To Take Topless Photo’s Of Herself!

Kim Kardashian Gets Daughter North West To Take Topless Photo's Of Herself!

OMG just when you thought you had seen it all.

Kim Kardashian has decided to enlist the help of her  four-year-old daughter, North West to take topless photos of her for her Instagram page.

In her latest post Kim is posing in the mirror topless and when you look to the right of the snap you can see North holding the camera taking the photo.

Her Instagram followers have not been left happy about her getting North to take them sort of photos of her mother as the comments on the photo are mostly negative.

What do you think??

Kim Kardashian Hints That She Is Trying For Another Baby With Kanye West

Kim Kardashian alredy has two lovely young children but now it looks like she wants to make her family bigger.

The reality star has hinted that she and husband Kanye West are hoping to have another baby soon.

Kim has shared a fan’s post about hoping to get pregnant.

It was on Tuesday of this week when Kim used her daughter North West to model clothes from her and Kanye’s new clothing range.

One Twitter user tweeted:

‘RT if you’re getting pregnant in time for the Kim + Kanye kids line launch.’

To what Kim retweeted the tweet.

Kim Kardashian Hints That She Is Trying For Another Baby With Kanye West

Then sadly Kim shot down the rumors what she caused by that retweet as one person tweeted asking her if she is pregnant and she replied back saying that she is not.

Hopefully she will be soon.

Kim Kardashian Shares Photo Of Kanye West Touching Her Bottom In New Instagram Snap

She’s been off social media for so long now after that Paris attack but over the last week or so Kim Kardashian has made her return to Instagram but today she has shared a super cute photo of her husband Kanye West getting a little hands on.

The Reality star shared a photo of Kanye touching her bottom as they play around at home.

Along with the photo Kim said:

“he always has my back 😜”

Such a cute photo.

Just shows how much Kanye loves his lady.

Kim Kardashian & Her Kids Are Staying At Kris Jenner’s House Following Kanye West’s Hospitalization

Kim Kardashian & Her Kids Are Staying At Kris Jenner's House Following Kanye West's Hospitalization

It seems she wanted to get her children away from him.

With Kanye West being released from hospital and told to rest at home Kim Kardashian and her children Saint West and North West have moved in with Kris Jenner while he recovers.

There have been so many mixed reports over the last few days as one of them has said that Kanye can’t be around weapons so having the children there wouldn’t be a good idea.

A source has said to US Weekly:

“Kim has spent the last few days at Kris’ house with the kids. The kids were there during Kanye’s hospitalization and are very happy there. Kim really wants to protect the kids and will do everything she can to see that that happens.”

“Kanye has not seen the kids very much since he was released and Kim does not think he should. She has no plans for them all to live together.”

This comes as other sources have said that West is at home with the little ones.

We will keep you posted on this story.

Kim Kardashian Feels ‘Trapped’ In Her Marriage!

Ohh no not another divorce??

Earlier today we told you that Kim Kardashian was planning a divorce from husband Kanye West but now it’s been said that Kim is feeling ‘trapped’ in her marriage.

It seems all what has gone on over the last few months with her being attacked in paris and then Kanye being rushed to hospital a couple of weeks ago really has not done anything for their marriage.

A source has said:

“She cares about Kanye and feels relieved he’s getting the help he needs, but she’s felt trapped for a while.”

This is not looking good at all let’s just hope that they can sort things out.

Sources Say That Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Are Living Separately

Kim Kardashian Was 'Hysterical' Talking To Kanye West After The Attack!!

This isnt good.

Earlier we told you about what Ryan Seacrest said about how the pair where getting really well and we thought that things where looking up but clearly not now.

Sources have said that Kim and Kanye are living separately as it seems it’s better for him and for the children North West, 3, and Saint West, almost 12 months.

The source said to People:

“He is receiving outpatient care elsewhere with a medical team. Kim still seems concerned but is supportive. They don’t know for how long Kanye will need outpatient care.”

“She is very worried about the kids being around Kanye.”

There is no wonder because when he was admitted to hospital the person who called for the ambulance to take him to hospital said to warn doctors not to let him any wear near weapons.

It’s best while he recovers we just hope that he is better for Christmas because otherwise it’s not going to be very good for the Kardashian family this year!

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