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Caitlyn Jenner Shares Photo Of Bloody Nose After Having Sun Damage Removed

Caitlyn Jenner has shocked fans with a new selfie showing blood on her nose after she had to have some ‘sun damage’ removed and warned fans to wear suncream.

Caitlyn showed off her bad nose as she said along with the photo:

‘I recently had to get some sun damage removed from my nose. PSA- always wear your sunblock!’

Glad that she has got it sorted.

TOWIE Star Georgia Kousoulou Admits Regret Over Nose Job

TOWIE Star Georgia Kousoulou Admits Regret Over Nose Job

She has been trolled online after she decided to go under the knife and have a nose job but now Georgia Kousoulou has admitted that she regrets have the operation.

The TOWIE star said that she has been left horrified after the same troll started saying that she now looks like ‘Michael Jackson’.

georgia has said that she has ‘always hated’ her natural nose and just wanted to change it,

Talking to New Magazine Kousoulou said:

‘I remember crying to my my mum, saying, “Oh my God! Have I done the right thing? Have I changed my face?”‘

She then continued:

‘Those first few weeks were the worst. I was like, “Oh my God, what have I done?” After surgery, you do feel like, “Have I ruined myself?”

‘I was looking at myself thinking, “Do I look that bad?” I had to remind myself, no I wanted this done.’

We think she looks fab before the nose job and after she shouldn’t feel the need to change herself at all.

TOWIE’s Georgia Kousoulou Hits Out At Trolls Over Nose Job

It was the other week that it was confirmed that Georgia Kousoulou had gone under the knife and had a nose job but now she is still receiving abuse from trolls online.

Georgia has now hit out at the trolls as they compared her to ‘Michael Jackson’s’ and she has said that she thinks they ‘own her’.

Talking to The Sun the TOWIE star said:

‘People think because you’re in the public eye they own you,’

‘I had one comment which said, “you signed up for this” and I thought, “no I didn’t”,’

‘I haven’t been reading it and I try not to respond. If you call them out, nine times out ten they message you and apologise. Most of them don’t even have a profile picture.’

It’s awful that people air their views about other people the way they do.

James Argent Talks About His Nose Job Operation On Loose Women

He recently splashed out over £5k on a new nose but now James Argent has talked about the reason behind it.

James appeared on Loose Women on Friday when he said that due to his recent weight loss his nose ‘stood out’ causing him to want to go under the knife.

Talking on the show he said:

‘I didn’t want to change my face, I wanted it to be subtle. I wanted it to be natural and that’s how it has come out.

‘I was a lot bigger before and my features didn’t stand out so much, but when I lost weight, my features stood out – there was a big bump and i wanted it straightened out.

James then confessed that him wanting the surgery was the pressures of being on the TV:

‘There is pressure to look a certain way – there’s a lot of good-looking fellas on the show, but I’m not trying to be in competition with them’.

His new nose looks fab.

Holly Hagan Shows Off Her New “Miracle” Nose Job

Holly Hagan Shows Off Her New "Miracle" Nose Job

She’s no stranger to having things tweaked and changed on her body but now Holly Hagan has shown off the results of her “miracle” nose job.

Holly took to her Instagram to share a photo of the nose job but the funny thing is she never went under the knife.

Along with the snap she said:

Cannot stress enough how thankful I am to @drtijionesho@lebeau_ideal I could have so easily gone down the route of surgery but in less than 5 minutes with a small amount of filler my bump is gone! miracle worker”

The nose job is a non surgical when involves them injecting filler into the nose to even it out and smooth the bump down.

Lots of her followers have been so shocked to see how good her nose looks without going under the knife.

Such an amazing job.

Kim Kardashian Opens Up About Her Nose


She was forced to prove that her butt was real during a episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians but now Kim Kardashian has been talking about her nose.

Kim has dismissed rumors that she has had a nose job.

Talking recently Kim said:

“People think I’ve had my nose done. I haven’t,”

Kim then continued to say that her nose is smaller all thanks to contouring:

“It does look smaller. Maybe it’s the contour I use,”

Kimmy has said that she is proud of the bump in her nose because she inherited it to her late father Robert Kardashian SNR.

Kimmy continued:

“I used to hate this bump on my nose. Hated it. Now I love that it makes me look more ethnic,”

She shouldn’t worry about what people think about her nose at the end of the day it’s what makes her who she is.