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A ‘Very High Profile’ Friend Of Stacey Solomon had Nude Photo’s Leaked!

Stacey Solomon had revealed on Loose Women on Friday afternoon that one of her ‘high profile’ friends had nude photos leaked from their Itunes account and published online forcing them to pay ‘thousands of pounds’ to have them removed.

Solomon said:

“Someone really close to me, and very high-profile, had their iCloud hacked, and there were sexy pictures they’d sent to their partner on there.

“This person had to pay thousands of pounds to get them taken down.

She continued:

“The company says, ‘It’s your fault for taking them, and your fault for having two-step verification’.

“It’s so complicated, and it’s so heartbreaking.

“Imagine seeing your pictures you sent to your partner on porn sites and seeing these comments!”

This rant came after Facebook have annouced that they want to trial a scheme where you send nude photos to the people that work at Facebook so they can detect if photo have got leaked online.

Courtney Stodden Rides A Tractor Naked In New Instagram Snap

Did she wear her birthday suit for halloween.

Courtney Stodden has shared a couple of snaps to her Instagram account and in both of them she is naked and riding a tractor.

Stodden shared the snaps ot her Instagram account where she delighted her fans with the naughty snaps.

Along with the photo she said:

 “Tractor Queen #blonde #nude”.

She’s so bad lol.

Ruth Langsford Dresses As Dominatrix In S&M Clip With Hubby Eamonn Holmes

They have often talked about their sex lifes on daytime TVs but on Channel 5 viewers got an i site into Ruth Langford naughty side.

The presenter decided to dress up as a dominatrix as she wore a long black leather coat and pose with a whip in her hand as they aired their documentary about sex on Cahnnel 5 Thursday night.

Eamonn shared the snap of his wife on his twitter account Thursday morning and his followers where shocked at seeing the daytime to wueen dressed up in s&m style.

Along with the photo Eamonn said:

‘Ruth getting all Strictly. We have a fascinating prog on Channel 5 Thurs 9pm on couples and The 7 yr itch.’

Wow she really does look the part to film the show.

Amanda Holden Causes Ofcom Investigation After Revealing Dress Showing Off Her Breasts

Amanda Holden Causes Ofcom Investigation After Revealing Dress Showing Off Her Breasts

Amanda Holden has sparked outrage with Britain’s Got Talent viewers after she wore a very revealing dress showing off her breasts.

The judge has caused viewers to complain to Ofcom after she wore a green coloured dress what had a split a the front what went right down to her belly button showing every part of her boob and at one point looked like her nipple was even going to poke out.

Just as the show started viewers where comply shocked with just how Amanda looked and took to social media in outrage.

One person tweeted on Twitter:

“Says a lot about her doesn’t it wearing that on a family show”

Another said:

“Inappropriate for a family show even if she is as flat as a pancake. So desperate!!”

We have to say Amanda normally has her boobs out on the show but never like what she had last night.

Amanda Holden Causes Ofcom Investigation After Revealing Dress Showing Off Her Breasts

Chrissy Teigen Shows Off New Spray Tan By Sharing Naked Photo On Snapchat

Chrissy Teigen nude

Chrissy Teigen has decided the best way to show off her new Spray tan is to share  naked selfie on her Snapchat account.

The wife of John Legend shared the snap on Wednesday as she was makeup free and had her hair up in a bun to pose for the photo.

Along with the snap she said:

‘Finally a spray tan thank you Fiona,’

We personally this photo wasnt about showing off the spray tan but showing off what her mama gave her.

Holly Willoughby Has Put The Boobs Away For Good As She Admits To No More Sexy Photoshoots

She’s done some of the sexiest photoshoots but now it seems Holly Willoughby is hanging up her stockings and suspenders.

Holly has admitted that she will no longer be getting her boobs out for naughty photoshoots this comes after last year she was the last person to appear on FHM’s front cover.

She confessed:

“I think probably that was a really good way to say goodbye to all of that.

“I’ve had three children. And there is enough lurking about online.

“I really think now I’m a mum-of-three that we don’t need to see that anymore.”

The This Morning presenter then admitted that she has turned down swimwear range advertising because she no longer wants to flash the flesh any more:

“The thing that has always put me off doing something like that. You would have to wear it. I don’t think I’d ever do that now.”

It’s a shame but at the end of the day like Holly said she is a mum of three now and who wants their mum stripping off for sexy photo snaps??