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Mrs Brown’s Boys Rory Cowan Quits BBC Show After 26 Years

Mrs Brown's Boys Rory Cowan Quits BBC Show After 26 Years

He’s been the laugh of Mrs Brown’s Boys but now Rory Cowan has decided to quit the show.

Rory has been performing for the last few nights at London’s O2 Arena and had all the audience in stitches but he has said enough is enough and ended his time with Mrs Brown.

Talking to the Iris Daily Mail he said:

‘I hadn’t been happy working for the Mrs Brown’s Boys company for the last 18 months to two years.

‘I feel that 26 years is enough so I decided it was time to go. I told Brendan [O’Carroll, the writer and actor] on June 16 about my decision to leave.

‘That’s when I handed in my notice.

He continued to say:

‘I was supposed to leave at the end of that week, but Brendan said that would be impossible and asked if I’d stay on until the end of the London O2 gigs. So I agreed to that.’

‘I’m not going into details about why I was unhappy. I did the final show, packed my stuff into a small Waitrose plastic bag and just left the venue.’

It’s such a shame that he has decided to leave but if he doesn’t want to be on the show any more then good for him.

Thank you for making us laugh.

Holly Willoughby Nearly Missed The Brit Awards Due To Traffic

Ohh now that wouldn’t have been good!

Holly Willoughby last night broke the news on Instagram that she nearly missed the Brit awards due to being stuck in traffic.

The TV presenter shared a photo on Instagram of a big sign saying that there was chaos near the Blackwall Tunnel, which leads to the venue.

Holly also shared another photo of her husband Dan Baldwin asleep in the seat next to her in the car that they where making there way to the venue.

Along with a photo Holly said:

“Blackwall tunnel southbound closed”, writing: “Erm???? Now what happens? #stuck.”

In the end she made it to the O2 in time.

She looked fab last night.

Ed Sheeran Fans Go Crazy Over Ticket Site Where They Can Still Get Concert Tickets!

Ed Sheeran Fans Go Crazy Over Ticket Site Where They Can Still Get Concert Tickets!

Just under a couple of weeks ago Ed Sheeran released tickets for his upcoming uk Tour and you could say it went crazy.

Lots and lots of fans where left heartbroken after they where left not being able to get tickets mainly due to these people buying lots of tickets to sell on at madness prices but there still is a glimmer of hope for die hard Ed fans.

A website called Twickets has been selling tickets where fans sell their unwanted tickets allowing people to buy them at face value.

Fans have been on the site for days now trying to get the tickets and some are losing hope but we got our tickets from that site so we can say that if you keep on refreshing the site then you will get some.

On the site they have tickets for all of the London, Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle and Nottingham dates.

Lady Gaga Announces Joanne World Tour And She’s Coming To London In October!

It’s the news Little Monsters have been waiting for an it’s finally.

Lady Gaga has annouced that she is going on Tour in the UK in the winter and every one is going mad.

Gaga will tour London on October 3rd 2017 for one show at the moment at the o2 arena and will also tour Manchester and Birmingham.

Gaga will bring her Joanne World Tour to the UK little monsters as this is the first time she has toured in over two years.

It was on Sunday that Gaga annouced the world tour just after her massive Super Bowl performance last night.

The Queen on pop broke the news to her many fans on Twitter by sharing a GIF of her with glasses on what flashed up Gaga.

This will be Gaga’s sixth tour in just under a decade.

This is simply massive and if you want to get your hands on the tickets you can this week!

Pre-sale tickets go on sale this Wednesday and general release tickets are up for grabs on Friday at 9AM.

Emma Willis And Dermot O’Leary To Take Over From Michael Buble As Hosts Of The Brit Awards

Emma Willis And Dermot O'Leary To Take Over From Michael Buble As Hosts Of The Brit Awards

With the news about Michael Buble being forced to pull out of the hosting duties at this years Brit Awards it’s now been annouced that Emma Willis and Dermot O’Leary will host the show.

Michael was sadly forced to put of hosting the show due to his three year old son Noah being diagnosed with cancer and is currently going through treatment to make him better.

Dermot O’Leary has said talking about getting the job:

“Firstly, my immediate thoughts and prayers are with Michael and his family at such a difficult time. Michael is an effortless showman, so those patent shoes will not be easy to fill, but it’s an honour to be asked to step in with Emma to host the BRITs.

He continued:

“The BRITs is an iconic show that I’ve watched and attended many times. It’s a holy grail for a broadcaster, and I’m really looking forward to working with Emma, who I’m a big fan of, and celebrating a brilliant year of British music.”

Then Emma said:

Every part of me sends so much love and all the well wishes in the world to Michael and his family at such a difficult time. I’m a huge fan of his and I would have relished watching him present the BRITs. I know everyone involved wants to make the best show possible and I hope we do him proud.

“I had an awesome time presenting the nominations show this year and I am delighted to be asked back for the main event. To present the BRITs is an honour but to be doing it alongside one of my absolute favourites, Mr Dermot O’Leary is just bonkers. Bring on the BRITs 2017.”

The brits are being held in London at the O2 Arena on 22nd February.

Justin Bieber Calls Birmingham Crowd ‘Obnoxious’ As Fans Shout And Call Him ‘Disrespectful’

Justin Bieber Calls Birmingham Crowd 'Obnoxious' As Fans Shout And Call Him 'Disrespectful'

He wont have any fans soon.

Justin Bieber has hit out at fans and called them ‘obnoxious’ during his live performance in Birmingham on Monday night.

Bieber was performing at the Barclaycard Arena in the city for the first of two Purpose World Tour shows, just after he left London’s O2 Arena on the weekend.

Talking to the crowd the teen star said:

“If, when I’m speaking, you guys could not scream at the top of your lungs. Is that cool with you guys?

“The screaming is just so obnoxious.

“If we could just scream after the songs? Enjoy the songs, then scream, screaming is awesome. Screaming is fun.”

Who does he think he is??

Fans then started calling the singer ‘disrespectful’ after he told them not to screen.

One person spoke to the Birmingham Mail and said:

“I really felt as though Justin was disrespectful to his fans.

“Not so much us, more so the young girls who queued for a long time to be at the front.

“We recorded the fans screaming because we didn’t think we’d heard anything quite as loud at a concert before… and what we ended up recording, to our surprise, was Bieber complaining because his fans were ‘like two feet away’, and they just ‘needed to find another way to express themselves!'”

It’s so awful because that’s what you do at a concert.

He really does need a reality check.

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