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Kieran Hayler Shocks Wife Katie Price By Calling Her ‘Old’ On Loose Women

Kieran Hayler Shocks Wife Katie Price By Calling Her 'Old' On Loose Women

He’s going to be in so much trouble when he gets home.

On Loose Women on Monday it was a special of the show where the loose women had their other halfs on the show as it was a couples special.

One person who had their other half on the show was Katie Price who had Kieran Hayler on the show but after this we bet she wishes she never had him on the show.

During one part of the show the men where allowed to dress their ladies in whatever way they wanted too and Kieran dressed Katie like an old lady and she wasn’t happy at all.

Katie was not happy about the way she was dressed and that’s when Keiran decided to call her old.

Speaking to Eamonn Holmes, Joe Swash and James Jordan, Hayler was asked about whether he preferred Katie or Jordan.
Hayley replied:

‘Jordan’s getting out there less and less because Kate’s getting a bit older.’

We wouldn’t want to be in his shoes.

Frankie Bridge, Ola Jordan, Kady McDermott And Caroline Daly Poses In Their Bikinis as They Wait For Their Loved Ones To Come Out Of The I’m A Celebrity Jungle


Ola Jordan has just came out of the jungle this week, Franke Bridge is waiting for her husband Wayne Bridge to come out, Caroline Daly is waiting for fiance Adam Thomas and Kady McDermott and her boyfriend Scott Thomas are also waiting for Adam to come out the I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here jungle over the weekend.

Now all four of the girls have been enjoying their time in the australian sun as they all posed showing off their toned tummies in a new snap.

All the girls looked simply fantastic as they waited for their loved ones and we have to say looking at their holiday snaps is really making us very jealous.

Ola Jordan Admits It Only Took Her Two Minutes To Be Out Of The I’m A Celebrity Jungle Before She Was Having Sex With Husband James!


She’s been away from husband James Jordan for over two weeks while she was in the I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here jungle but now Ola Jordan has admitted that it didn’t take her long to be having sex again with her husband.

Ola who has never been shy about talking about her private life has said that it  ‘only took two minutes’ for them to be making love again.

Talking to the Daily Mirror she said:

‘I had a bath, got in and had a proper scrub, then I had a shower to wash it all off. And we had a kiss and a cuddle,’

James then said:

‘It only took two minutes.’

Ola then replied:

‘A lady never tells but we have a very healthy relationship. Missing James was the hardest part.’

 Seem’s they had a good night Monday.


Ola Jordan is Third To Be Voted Out Of I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here


Ola Jordan has been next to be voted out of the I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here jungle.

Ola who has been in the show since day one seventeen days ago seemed to be fine to leave the show as the public failed to save her.

Ola said that she thought it was going to be easier that it looks watching it on the TV.

Ola was asked by Ant what was the hardest thing about being in the jungle:

“Just being away from everything, not being able to speak to no one having no phone, having to boil the water and eating rice and beans.”

When asked if she liked me in the jungle she said:

“Yeah i am i loved it, i truly loved every moment of it”

Dec asked who she liked the most in the jungle Ola said:

“I cant pick everyone has been really nice the 12 f us have been so good and i think Carol Vorderman has been my mate, it really has been such a girl squad.

Talking about friendships in camp she said:

“I think we have been very lucky we bonded very quickly and everyone got on really nice and then them other two came in and stirred the pot but they soon settled in.”

Talking about the trials she said:

“It was like i had a switch and i just thought i have to do this”

Ola said that she would like Carol  to win the show next weekend.

I’m A Celebrity Campmates Get Their Phone Calls From Home During Trial

I'm A Celebrity Campmates told To Clean Up Their Act As They Are 'Unhygienic'

Tonight on I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here it all get a little emotional after some of the campmates get a phone call from their loved ones.

Scarlett Moffatt, Joel Dommett and Jordan Banjo where placed in a room with a switchboard where they had to answer riddles and connect their other campmates to a phone call from their loved ones.

First was Carol Vorderman who got a phone call from her friend Mandy, then it was Ola Jordan’s turn who spoke to husband James Jordan and after the phone call she get a little emotional because she hasn’t spoken to her hubby for three weeks.

Sadly Martin had to miss out on the call because the three never answered the question in time.

Joel sacafisted his phone call from his mum for more time for the other camp mates what was simply lovely.

Then it was Scarlett’s time and she sadly struggled answering the question and at the thought of not speaking to her family she started to get emotional before saying that she wouldnt speak to her family and for them to cancel the call.

Lisa Snowdon’s turn was next but sadly the three never answer the question for her call.

Sam Quek’s call was canceled too for the same reasons as Lisa.

Jordan’s turn then as he spoke to his sister called Tulisa and she admitted that the family was so ‘proud’ of him before asking about Scarlett’s family and told his sister to tell Scarlett’s mum and dad that she loved them because she never got a phone call.

Adam Thomas was next and he got very emotional during the phone call with his fiancee Caroline as she told him that he is “doing amazing” and everyone is fine.

Adam then asked how his little boy is and she said that he is doing simply fine just as Adam told her that she loved her and she is never leaving her again.

Adam seemed over the moon that he got his call but Martin seemed really upset that he didn’t get his call.

The three returned to camp and apologized to anyone who never got their phone call.

Jordan admitted:

“When we returned to camp the people who didnt get their phone call i couldnt even look at them”

“I’m so happy that they understood and it’s nice to know that we have pople in the camp like that.”

It was a very emotional part of the show tonight!

Ola Jordan’s Poo Smells Of ‘Butterflys’

When you’ve been in The I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Put Of Here jungle you eat some horrible nasty things so your poo must be simply awful but now for Ola Jordan!

The Strictly Come Dancing star went to the toilet on Sunday nights show when Scarlett Moffatt went in the toilet after her and she asked about what the nice smell was.

Emerging from the dunny Scarlett said:

 “Oh it smells nice in there

Ola then replied:

“Does it? I’ve just done a poo.”

Scarlett then said:

“I feel so embarrassed but it smells really nice – do you poo butterflies Ola?”


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