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Olivia Attwood Admits She Has Dropped THREE Dress Sizes Due To Stress Since Leavign Love Island

Love Island's Olivia Attwood Has 'Boyfriend' Outside Villa

She’s only been out of the Love Island villa and int he public eye for five months but it seems it has alredy been playing with Olivia Atrwood’s health.

Olivia said that when she went into the villa she was size 12 but now she is a size 6 after the streeses what she hasbeen thought making her lose weight.

Olviia has blames the streeses what she has been though with her boyfriend Chris Hughes as she said to Revel magazine:

“It’s something I’ve heard a lot in recent weeks and I am so bored now.

“I went into the villa a size 12 and I have dropped to a size six. That is my physique.”

She then went on to say:

“You can go through my teen years and this is my natural figure  I’ve had a stressful couple of months and a few pounds have dropped off me.”

“I’d like to put on a bit muscle and a bit of the shape I had in the villa. I’d never class myself as curvy. My curves are silicone.”


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