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Colchester Zoo’s Most Famous Orangutan Rajan Has Passed Away!

Today is a very sad day as Colchester Zoo have announced their one of their most loved animals Rajan the orangutan has sadly passed away.

Rajan’s health was slowly going down hill over a number of months as he suffered from extremely bad arthritis and the staff decided to put him to sleep.

The lovely orangutan who has been at the zoo since 1980 was 50 years-old- and loved interacting with members of the public thought the glass and he made the press world wide on a number of occasions with his love for pregnant womens bellies and tattoos.

Colchester zoo relesed a stateent and have said:

“We are aware that there are many visitors that have grown up knowing Rajang and who visited him regularly. To ensure we capture all of your beautiful memories we are going to site a special book at Orangutan Forest where we kindly ask you to write your fondest memories of Rajang.Rajang has been one of the most amazing ambassadors for his species which is so vitally important especially right now with the effect of deforestation which is reducing the number of orangutans in the wild.Sleep tight Rajang, you will be missed but never forgotten”.

Holly Willoughby Is Terrified Of Life Like Orangutan On This Morning

Today on This Morning Holly Willoughby had a bit of a shock after a life like orangutang sat along side her.

The robot was on the show as her and Phillip Schofield where talking to the producers of new BBC One show Spy In The Wild and it really did look real.

Holly opened the show by saying:

“We have a friend here.

“It’s been sitting there for half an hour, but not moving.

She continued to say:

“I was told it wasn’t going to move, and suddenly it turned around and it winked at me!

“It looks like he’s going to bite me! It’s so real. Amazing.”

It was so so life like and really scary.

We cant believe that Holly was sitting next to it.

Orangutan Does Magic Trick At Colchester Zoo

Orangutan Does Magic Trick At Colchester Zoo

He’s may be one of the most intelligent animals in the world but now Rajang the orangutan at Colchester Zoo can add magic to the long list of things that he’s good at.

Rajang who hit the headlines last year after he kissed a pregnant woman’s belly though the glass has now been taking part in a magic trick at the zoo. CLICK HERE

Magician Matty G did a car trick what saw him hold a playing card to the window while Rajang watched.

Then Rajang hit the window with the stick for then the card to move onto the inside of the window as he pulled if off to smell it.

The moment was filmed by the zoo and uploaded to their Facebook page.

Make sure you check it out below.

Colchester Zoo’s Orangutan Kisses Pregnant Lady’s Belly

Colchester Zoo’s Orangutan Kisses Pregnant Lady’s BellyColchester Zoo’s Orangutan Kisses Pregnant Lady’s Belly

Get ready to say awwwwwww.

A beautiful orangutan at Colchester Zoo has become an internet sensation after he was filmed kissing a pregnant lady’s baby bump.

If you haven’t seen the clip yet make sure you check it out below.

Baby Orangutan Looking For A New Mum In Dorset

Baby Orangutan Looking For A New Mum In Dorset


A baby orangutan is looking for a new mum to call his own at Monkey World Ape Rescue Center in Dorset.

Little Rieke is only six weeks old and was moved to Monkey World from Berlin Zoo after his mother rejected her at birth.

Since arriving at the recently Rieke has mad friends with other rejected Oran Bubu Marta and the pair are said to be getting on perfectly.

So cute.

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