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Emma Watson Surprises London Commuters As She Leaves Books On The Underground

Emma watsons london underground books

She’s one of the most famous actresses in the world and today Emma Watson has been hanging out in the underground’s of London hiding books around the stations for people to take.

The actress posed for a photo while she put the books on the escalators and hid them around for people to take.

Emma filmed herself hiding the late Maya Angelou’s Mom & Me & Mom book in Oxford Circus and people where just waking past her and. Din have a clue who she was.

Taking to her Facebook page she said:

‘I’ve been hiding copies of Mom & Me & Mom for Books on the Underground on the tube today! See if you can find one tomorrow! #OurSharedShelf.’


This must have been amazing for the people who got their hands on them books what Emma ha her hans on.

Let us know if you got one of these books?!