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Naked Attraction Praised For Transgender Contestants Taking Part

‘It’s the controversial dating show where a parson looks at six naked people and doesn’t see their face at first only sees their lower body and then after a while they get to see their face and the way they speak and so on.

Now on Naked Attraction has been praised for having transgender contestants on the show and this has gone down really well with the viewing public.


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Miley Cyrus Annouces She’s Pansexual

Miley Cyrus Annouces She’s Pansexual

For month’s and month’s now people have been wondering what sexuality Miley Cyrus is. Well now the singer has annouced that she is ‘pansexual’ meaning that she is attracted to both sexies, transgender and other gender qualitys. The 22-year-old singer spoke to Elle UK  in a recent interview, spilling the beans on her love life. She said: “I’m

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