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Sam Faiers Refuses To Share Bed With Boyfriend For Three Years After Birth Of Daughter

They have been together for years now but it seems with two children together Sam Faiers and her boyfriend Paul Knightley no longer share a bed together.

Sam has been talking on the new series of The Mummy Diaries where she confessed that having two children under three years of age has not done much for her sex life.

Sam asked Paul:

‘So how long do you think it’s going to be until we’re back in the same bed? ‘I estimate about three years. I miss cuddling you in bed, it feels weird don’t you think?’

To what Paul replied back to her:

‘Once Rosie goes through the night, you can get back in with us’.

Sam then said back:

‘You don’t like me cuddling you anyway?’

Paul said back:

‘I do but when I’m going asleep I like to just lay on my own,’

Lets hope they find sometime for each other every now and then.

Sam Faiers Gives Birth To Baby Girl

Yay exciting news on a Sunday.

Sam Faiers has given birth to a baby girl.

Sam who is dating Paul Knightley already has a baby boy called Paul but now she has a girl.

Sam’s rep has told The Sun:

“Samantha and Paul are delighted to welcome a baby girl into the world, both mother and baby are doing well.”

Such lovely news massive congratulations to them.

Sam Faiers Gazes At Boyfriend Paul Knightley As They Enjoy Time Away

Sam Faiers and her boyfriend Paul Knightley have been enjoying sometime away and it seems they have been having a lovely time as she shared a photo on Instagram of them both in the jacqui while they gazed into one and others eyes.

Sam shared the photo on Tuesday to get thousands of likes on social media.

In the photo Sam is in a bikini while she sits in the arms of her boyfriend looking ver much in love.

They seem to be having a lovely holiday.

Sam Faiers Faces Backlash After Video Of Baby Paul In Car Seat Causes Concern

Sam Faiers Faces Backlash After Video Of Baby Paul In Car Seat Causes Concern

Sam Faiers has been hit out at by Instagram followers after she shared a video of her young son Paul in his car seat.

The reality star shared the video on her instagram page showing the little one in his car seat but her followers had a problem with the way that she had put him in the seat.

Along with the video Sam said:

‘Words can’t describe my love for you my baby… You make me laugh all day long

One person commented on the video and said:

‘Sam – using the car seat like this is not safe’,

While another said:

‘I would say Sam knows what way seat works and wouldn’t put her baby at risk, car might not be moving and she turned him round while stopped.’

We are sure that Sam knows what she is doing.


Ruth Langsford Talks About That Kiss Between Sam Faiers Boyfriend Paul And His Mum As Anne Dimond Calls it ‘Inappropriate’

It was the talk of the town when last year a clip was aired of Sam Faiers‘ boyfriend Paul Knightley having a kiss in the lips with his mother Gaynor.

The clip went viral with people saying that it was ‘weird’ that a son would have what looked like a snog with his mother.

Today on Loose Women they where talking about the clip when show host Ruth Langsford said that:

‘It did linger.’

Then fellow presenter Anne Diamond said:

‘That is inappropriate, is it OK to say that?’

Ruth then continued:

‘When the picture is not moving, it does look like a couple having a good old snog.  But it didn’t offend at the time.’

We have to say it was very concomtable to watch but maybe that’s what that family are like.

Sam Faiers Causes Outrage Though Her Family As She Admits She Wants To Move To LA With Her Son

Sam Faiers Causes Outrage Though Her Family As She Admits She Wants To Move To LA With Her Son

Sam Faiers has seriously upset her family!

The former TOWIE star broken the news to her family that her and her boyfriend Paul Knightley are planning on moving to LA with their baby Paul.

Sam who previously upset her family on her reality show The Mummy Diaries when she annouced that she wanted to move to Surrey so moving to LA is a million times worse.

In the clip released today from tonight’s episode  Sam invites her family and Paul’s mum Gaynor over for a family meal so she could break the news.

Before the meal Sam is seen talking to her sister Billie Faiers and told her the news as Billie called her “out of order” for wanting to move so far away.

At the end of the clip Gaynor is heard saying:

“I can’t believe it. I can’t even speak about this.”

We will have to see the fall out on the last in the series tonight.