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Viewers To The Mummy Diaries Slam Paul Knightly After He Throws Tantrum Over Sam Faiers Uncooked Cheese On Toast

Viewers to The Mummy Diaries Have been left furious with Paul Knightly after he had a tratram over uncooked cheese on toast and shouted at girlfriend Sam Faiers who was feeding their new born baby.

Sam had to prepare his lunch and feed the newborn baby while looking after their child baby Paul while he was kicking off.

One viewer watching the show shared:

‘That look Paul gave to Sam as he walked out of the kitchen when she told him to make more cheese on toast literally gave me chills,’

While another typed out:

‘Why is Paul such a man child? His son is more mature than him,’

Sam Faiers Admits She And Paul Knightley Do Have Sex As The Mummy Diaries Continues


Last week Sam Faiers was left embarrassed after one of the film crew asked her if her and boyfriend Paul Knightley have sex after Sam admitted that their baby Paul sleeps in their bed every night and how she would rather buy a bigger bed than not have him in the bed.

Now on Wednesday’s night episode of The Mummy Diaries Sam admitted that her and Paul do have sex!

Talking during a girls’ takeaway night Sam explained:

‘You just make time. We’re young and fit.’

Then Sam’s sister Billie Faiers decided to turn the air blue as she said:

‘You don’t want to have sex for a good couple of months until it’s all healed.
‘No one told me what you’d go through after down there. I couldn’t even sit on the toilet seat and get up without being like “aaaargh”.’

Of course we did know that they do have sex because they are only young and of course Sam has plenty of babysitters who would look after Paul when they have a night away.

Sam Faiers Shares Snap Of Baby Paul Tony As She Spends Some Time With Her Newborn

He’s only seven week’s old and by the look’sof this photo she is super happy. Sam Faiers…

Sam Faiers Boyfriend Pail Kingly Wanted To Pull The Plug On The Baby Diary Documentary! 

   He caused controversy when he asked his girlfriend who has just given birth to make him beans on toast but now Paul Knightly has admitted that he didn’t want the Sam Faiers Baby Diarys to air.  Last Sunday aired a documentary about Sam Faiers going though her pregnancy but instead of viewers talking about the new born it was all about Sam’s boyfriend.   A source has told the Mirror: Paul tried…

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TOWIE’s Danielle Armstrong Defends Sam Faiers Boyfriend After That Kissing Screen With His MUM!

TOWIE’s Danielle Armstrong Defends Sam Faiers Boyfriend After That Kissing Screen With His MUM!

On Sunday Twitter went into overdrive after a moment of Sam Faiers Baby Diary’s saw Sam’s boyfriend Paul Knightly kiss his mum on the lips. Thought the corse of the show viewers where shocked to see how Paul was behaving towards his pregnant girlfriend. Now Sam’s Towie co-star Danielle Armstrong has defended Paul’s actions admitted she had met Sam’s partner several times and thought he was a…

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Sam Faiers’ Boyfriend Is COMPLETLY Slammed Online

Sam Faiers’ Boyfriend Is COMPLETLY Slammed Online

Last night a show aired on ITVBE following reality star Sam Faiers and her journey to motherhood called Sam Faiers Baby Diarys. Instead of the program being talked about on social media for cute and lovely things it was Sam’s boyfriend Paul Knightly that came under fire. During the show Paul who has been dating Sam for 14 months was branded ‘controlling’ and a ‘man child’ by viewers after he…

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