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Love Island’s Chris Hughes Shows Off Massive Penis In Leaked Footage

Love Island fans have been left shocked after Chris Hughes shows off his massive penis to his girlfriend Olivia Attwood in the villa.

The leaked footage has shown how appeared online if them both in the bathroom while he flashes his penis at Olvia by pulling his shorts down.

This comes just a day after `Olivia admitted that she was struggerling to walk after a night of passion with the farmer.


Big Brother’s Lotan Carter Admits He’s Not Getting Any Action In The Bedroom Department And Is Trying To Win His Ex

Big Brother's Lotan Carter Admits He's Not Getting Any Action In The Bedroom Department And Is Trying To Win His Ex

His penis is not insured for a whopping 12 million pounds but it seems Big Brother’s Lotan Carter is not getting any action in the bedroom department.

The former Dreamboy has admitted that he is not getting any sex and is really wanting to win her back.

Lotan has been speaking to the Mail Online where he confessed that he regrets the way he was kicked out of the Big Brother house too as he was removed by the bosses of the show die to his violent behavior.

Lotan also annouced that his penis is not insure as he made that up just for the headlines.

Carter said during the interview:

‘I’m pretty sure reports of my penis being ensured for £12million are false – I’ve never had a medical so I think I would have noticed.

‘There are no problems with my penis- it’s just pretty unused,’ he added, reassuringly.

‘The reason I got so worked up during the argument with Isabelle is because she kept bringing up my son and ex which is private.

Then talking about his ex he said:

‘I’m not over her and we’d been together on and off for the last year, but she broke it off with me a few days before the house.’

‘She doesn’t like the spotlight and I would have given it all up for her but she didn’t want me to resent her if I got a normal office job.

‘I’m still in love with her and I’d get back with her in ten years if she had eight kids,’

We really hope that they do get back together as he really does love her.

Love Island Girls Left Shocked As Chris Shows Off His Big Penis

Love Island Girls Left Shocked As Chris Shows Off His Big Penis Love Island Girls Left Shocked As Chris Shows Off His Big Penis

Everyone want’s a bit of Chris in the Love Island villa.

On Friday nights episode of Love Island Chris was in the shower when Olivia walked into the bathroom and decided to look into the shower cubicle and to see what one day she might have her hands on.

Oliva just couldnt believe how big Chris’ penis is and decided to get the other girls to have a look.

Oliva said:

“The size of his dick isn’t normal and it’s only a semi.”

Amber Davis then ran in the bathroom and said:

“Can I see it?”

The girls just loved looking at his penis making his head bigger than it already is.

Former Love Island Star Olivia Buckland Shames Man’s Penis While Waiting For Train

Olivia Buckland has decided to shame a stranger while waiting for the tran as she took a picture of a mans penis what you could see though his jogging bottoms and posted it to her Snapchat account.

The former Love Islander shared the photo on Tuesday when it was Valentine’s day as she said along with the snap:

“I mean I know it’s valentines but put some pants on man.”

What is she really doing?

She would hate it if some girl did that to her boyfriend Alex Bowen would she??

Joel Dommett Forced To Eat Penis And Moths During Final Trial On I’m A Celebrity 

Tonight Joel Dommett has eaten a whole array of nasty thing to win a five star meal for his last night in camp on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here.

The comedian had to ear hawkmoth, penis and Testercles, fish eyes and down a nasty drink of blended scorpions.

Joel was a trouper during the trial as he was faced with all the food that he likes along with the trial food to try and tempted him to eat the nice fail the trial.

We will have to wait and see what exactly he had for dinner but something is telling us it was steak. 

Jamie Oliver Talks About Cooking Naked At Home Causing Burns To His Penis!

Jamie Oliver Talks About Cooking Naked At Home Causing Burns To His Penis!

Ohh no!

Jamie Oliver has taken the naked chef to another level and a bit of a dangerous one at that because he has admitted that he was cooking at home naked when he burnt his little chap in the process.

Appearing on The Graham Norton Show Jamie said that he burnt his manhood while preparing a Valentine’s Day meal.

He said to Graham Norton:

“I was cooking naked at home while preparing a whole sea bass and I had a new, fan-assisted oven and when I opened the door a jet of hot steam attacked my manhood.

“It was a weird thing in life – the worst and best time in my life. Worst because the pain was so bad but best because my private parts expanded!”

Jamie then said sorry to his daughters teenage daughters – Poppy Honey, 14, and Daisy Boo, 13 – for what he just said on television.

He continued to say:

“Sadly it didn’t turn out to be the romantic night I had planned. I ended up sitting with some frozen Green Giant (corn) on my old fella!”

That must have been awful for him lol but we guess that’s what happens when you cook naked.