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The Spice Girls Are Attending The Royle Wedding But As Guest And Not Performers

Shame but good news still.

The Spice Girls are going to be attending the Royal wedding but sadly they won’t be performing like it was rumored.

The five girls will just be attending the wedding of the year just as guests as a sources has been confirmed to ET.

The source said:

“Although there is no plan to have the Spice Girls perform, it is a wedding, and who knows what could spontaneously happen.”

It will be great for them to attend but it is a shame that they are not going to be grabbing their microphones and performing.

Lady Gaga To Perform On The X Factor This Weekend!

Lady Gaga To Perform On The X Factor This Weekend!

Exciting news for all little monsters.

Lady Gaga is going to be performing on the X Factor this weekend after he appearance a number of week’s ago was canceled due to failed record sales.

Gaga will take to the stage on Sunday to perform tunes from her latest album Joanne and we can just see her UK little monsters in the front row loving life.

This week’s theme is Christmas so maybe Gaga will perform some Christmas tunes too.

We are super excited!

Lady Gaga Will Perform At The Super Bowl!!

Whoo exciting news!

As we gave green reporting about Lady Gaga performing at next years Super Bowl in February. 

One Minuit she was and the next she wasn’t but now Gaga has been confirmed to be performing at the half time show. 

Mother monster will take to the stage at the NRG Stadium in Houston, texas on February 5th, 2017!

This is so exciting!!

Gaga will be great and with her new album Joanna being released next month there is no doubt she will be performing the tunes from it! 

We can’t wait. 

Britney Spears Announces She Pulled Out Of That Flip During Her London Performance Because She Was Worried The Dancer Would Drop Her!


Yesterday we told you about how Britney Spears was performing in London when one of her dances was going to flip her over but failed at the last minute.

Now the singer has said that she was ‘worried’ the male dancer would ‘drop her’ during the flip and that’s why she bailed.

Talking on Radio 1 on Wednesday morning the mum of two said:

‘Last night I freaked out and put my hands up. There was a new guy there – it was his first time protecting my back and I couldn’t do it’

‘He seemed really confident and strong so I should’ve felt more confident but I was scared.’

Bless her she was right to pull out if she didn’t feel confidant to do the flip.

Britney Spears Returns To Performing In The UK For The First Time In FIVE Years!

Britney Spears Returns To Performing In The UK For The First Time In FIVE Years!

Last night Britney Spears brought las vegas to London as she performed at the Roundhouse in Camden as a part of the Apple Music Festival.

The singer did her first UK gig in five years and she looked and performed greatly.

The blonde beauty danced most of the night with her hunky dancers behind her as she left the crowd stunned and thrilled.

At one point during the show Britney put on her best english accent as she said:

“Do you guys want to get naughty? Alright let’s get really naughty in here.”

Brit then brought a fan up on stage and spanked him with a riding crop before parading him round on a leash during Freakshow.

The concert was attended by lots of celebrities including Rita Ora, Nick Grimshaw and Daisy Lowe.

We would have loved to have been there last night seemed such a good night and it’s lovely to have Brit back to the UK.

Justin Bieber SNEEZES All Over Fans During Concert!

Justin Bieber SNEEZES All Over Fans During Concert!

Wow talk about yuck!

Justin Bieber has decided to sneeze all over his fans in the front row at his concert!

The singer was performing in Finland, when he seems to have came down with a little cold when decided to sneve all over the front row and looking at images captured of the sneeze you can see lots of split coming out of his mouth.

Bieber didn’t even have the courtesy to during his back to the crowd to sneeze.

That is simply disgusting.

We can just see fans trying to sell the split on eBay to raise some cash.

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