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Linda Robson Reveals Her Beloved French Bulldog Ernie Has Passed Away

So awful.

Linda Robson has reveled that her beloved French bulldog Ernie has passed away.

Linda was on Loose Women on Tuesday afternoon when she confirmed that the four year old had died sadly after he had to be put down at the vets due to a spinal

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Breeder Claims Molly-Mae Hague’s Pomeranian Puppy Was ‘Healthy’ When The Love Island Star Got Him

The breeder who breed Molly-Mae Hague’s pomeraniam puppy was ‘health’ when the dog was given to the Love Island star.

It was only last week when Molly announced that the little cutie had passed away just six days after they received

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Olivia Buckland SLAMS ‘Third Party Dog Breeders’ After Death Of Molly-Mae Hague And Tommy Fury’s Puppy

Olivia Buckland has slammed ‘third party dog breeders’ after the death of Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury’s puppy Mr Chai.

The puppy who was flown in from Russia last week died just days after due to a seizure and host of neurological

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Molly-Mae Hague And Tommy Fury Tearfully Talk About Their Puppy Mr Chai’s Death as Molly Insisted SHE Selected The Breeder And Not Tommy

Tonight Molly-Mae Hague And Tommy Fury have spoken out about their dog Mr Chai’s death after it was announced on Wednesday.

It was this morning when Molly-Mae broke the news to her followers that their dog what they have only had for a few

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