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Peter Andre Talks About What Happend When He Bumpted Into Katie Price At The NTAs

Katie Price Admits That She Was 'Obsessed With Peter Andre And Hopes To Talk To him One Day About How Their Marriage Brokwdown

With Peter Andre and Katie Price being in the public eye they are both going to be invited to the same celebrity bashes and that’s exactly what happened at the recent NTA’s two weeks ago.

Now Peter has been talking about exactly what happened when he bumped into his ex wife at the awards show.

Talking to OK! magazine, Peter said:

“I didn’t see what the big deal was.

Emily and I see her and Kieran [Hayler, Katie’s estranged husband] whenever we’re discussing the kids, which is actually quite regularly.

“It was no big thing. She walked into the OK! box as I was walking out, we said hello, as we always do, and that was that.”

He continued to said:

“She came in, we gave each other a peck on the cheek and she gave Claire [Powell, Pete’s manager] a massive hug. It was so quick!”


Peter Andre’s Wife Emily Announces She Found A Lump On Her Breast

Today Peter Andre’s wife Emily appeared on Lorraine where she talked about how recently she found a lump on her breast.

Emily who is currently filling in for Dr Hilary on the morning show spoke about how she wants women to go to the doctors and seek medical attention when they find lumps on their body.

Emily who’s a Doctor talked about the importance of going to see your GP.

She said to Lorraine Kelly:“I found a lump in my breast a year ago.

“I didn’t need to feel silly about going in and they dealt with it quickly and it was fine. It’s really important to check yourself.”

It really is so important!

Hopefully Emily talking out on the show will help lots of people.

Emily Andre Compares Herself To Meghan Markle

She going to give out advice to the new princess.

Emily Andre has compared herself to Meghan Markle and said that she would be willing to give her some advice on how to cope with fame.

The brunette has said that Meghan should not entertain negative media coverage.

She said:

“It won’t be an easy ride for her taking on such a big responsibility and having her whole life scrutinised.

“I’ve obviously experienced it on a much smaller scale and I’ve found the best way to deal with it is to try and not read the negativity.

“They seem so in love and natural with one another,”

“I wish them all the happiness together and hopefully there will be news of another royal baby soon!”.

There you go she could go to Peter Andre’s wife for info if she finds herself struggling.

Pete Andre Left ‘MORTIFIED’ After Rebekah Vardy Said His Penis Was Like ‘A Miniature Chipolata’

Pete Andre Left ‘MORTIFIED’ After Rebekah Vardy Said His Penis Was Like ‘A Miniature Chipolata’

Poor Peter Andre.

Peter has been left ‘mortified’ after Rebekah Vardy said that his penis is like ‘A miniature chipolata’.

Vardy has also gone on to mock his bedroom skills after they dated back in 2001 as she described him as “worst lover”

An insider has said:

“He will be so mortified that Becky’s comments about him have hit headlines again.

“Not only is it utterly humiliating for him to have his manhood discussed in such a crude way, but it also makes him look like a real ladies’ man, which is his worst nightmare.”

The continued to say:

“No man would ever want anyone to say they are terrible in bed. It’s the stuff of nightmares!”

Now a Pal of Pete has said:

“She couldn’t have been that good because he doesn’t even remember her,”

“It’s not nice for Emily to read, but she’s more than satisfied with Pete in the bedroom department.”


Peter Andre Shares Nude Photo As He Jokes About ‘Length Of The Cucumber’

He’s a funny one.

Peter Andre has sent social media a light after he shared a photo of his wife Emily cooking in the kitchen where he placed a cucumber with two lemons at the top making it look like a mans penis.

Emily was in the kitchen preparing the vegetables for their Sunday dinner when he snapped the funny photo and shred it to his instagram account.

One fan commented on the photo and said:

‘It’s not the size of the lemons but the length of the cucumber!’

While another said:

Lol love it bit of sense of humour the position of lemons n cucumber (sic),’

Very funny.

Katie Price Admits If She Passed Away Peter Andre Would Get Everything

Katie Price Admits If She Passed Away Peter Andre Would Get Everything

Yesterday on Loose Women the girls where talking about when they die and who will get all their wealth.

During the talk Katie Price admitted that her ex husband Peter Andre will get everything of hers if she was to die tomorrow because of her will and how she hasn’t changed it since she divorced the singer.

Talking on the show she said:

“I would guarantee Kieran would definitely take on Harvey, 100 per cent, he would have no doubt with that,”


She then continued:

“If I died now Pete would get everything,”

“Junior, Princess and Harvey, I haven’t even changed my will thinking of it. So let’s hope nothing happens because why should they get it?

“And I’ve been married twice since then!”

Hopefully now that the topic has been brought up Katie will change her will and put the correct people in it.