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Tamara Ecclestone Slates Janet Street-Porter As She Calls Her Fake, Bitter And Insecure’

Tamara Ecclestone has let rip at Janet Street-Porter after she wrote an article in the Daily Mail about her sister Petra Ecclestone’s ex-husband James Stunt as she described him as an “odious little s***”, and said that Petra is not “the brightest spanners in the toolbox”.

Another thing she wrote in the article is:

 “taste isn’t a given” for the siblings, and they are “living proof that money doesn’t buy you brains or taste”.

Reading the full article Tamara took to her Instagram account to hit out at the Loose Women presenter as she wrote on Thursday morning:

“Always so fake and sweet when i have met you.

“Love to see you again and see if you have anything to say to my face instead of from behind your keyboard.

“You should be ashamed of yourself you really let women down.

“Your a bitter insecure women hater (sic).”

She continued:

“Shame on you for writing about something you know nothing about and have none of the facts.

“Let me tell you one thing we agree on I am lucky, lucky to be blessed with a family who love each other unconditionally lucky to be a mum to the most amazing little girl I have a truly fulfilled life.

“So yes I am lucky Janet but I would rather be lucky than be you hell I would rather be a lot of things than be you.”


Tamara Ecclestone’s Sister Petra Pays £20,000 To Have Fake Snow On Christmas Day

Christmas must be lovely when money is no object!

Tamara Ecclestone looks like she had an amazing Christmas as her, her daughter Sophia and husband Jay spend the day in LA with Tamara sister at her £140 million pound mansion.

Tamara’s sister Petra Ecclestone splashed out a whopping £20,000 to have fake snow around her house to make the day even more special.

Tamara shared the photo above to her Instagram account and said along with the photo:

‘When your auntie makes it snowy on Christmas Day in LA.’

Tamara shared other images of Sophia looking super cute as she played in the snow looking like she was having an amazing day.

Looks like she had an amazing day.