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Phillip Schofield Gets Electrocuted Live On This Morning After Testing New Dog Collar

He jumpted out of his skin.

Phillip Schofield has had the shock of his life after he was touching a new electronic dog collar.

Phillip threw the collar on the floor after he got the shock to the surprise of his co-presenter Holly Willoughby.

it was during a heated debate on the show about electronic collars when he decided to handle it and show what it does to a poor do while it’s around their neck.

More news to come…

This Morning Viewers Think They Heard Holly Willoughby Say The C Word Live

Viewers to This Morning on Tuesday morning where left shocked after what they thought they heard presenter Holly Willoughby say the c-word live on the show.

The slip up happened during a segment about prams being presented by Alice Beer and Holly’s co presenter Philip Schofield thought he heard the c word along with the viewers.

Talking about the prams Holly said:

 “It could have been a click clunk one!”

The whole studio erupted with laughter and Alice and Phillip just couldn’t believe their ears.

This Morning Meet A Man Who Claims Painkillers Turned Him Gay

On This Morning on Wednesday they aired one of the most bizarre interviews they have ever shown as Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby interviewed a man who claims painkillers turned him gay.

Scott Purdy was involved in a car accident and claimed that before the crash he was a “hot blooded” heterosexual and had a girlfriend but had to take painkillers to deal with the pain from the crash and since taking them he now likes men.

Scott admitted that he experamented with his seuality in his teens but he confessed that being gay “wasn’t for him”.

Talking on This Morning he said:

“My girlfriend knew I was taking this medication. I didn’t say anything at first, but I started giving her less attention. All I craved and wanted was male attention.

“I stopped medication, just in case. As soon as that happened, my sexual attraction towards my ex went back up. But then pain started building up in my foot, and I started taking painkillers again.”

Dr Ranj Singh was sitting next to Scott and Phillip asked him if someone could turn gay after taig painkillers and Ranj said “no”.

Phillip Schofield And Holly Willoughby Speak About Ant McPartlin’s Pleading Guilty To Drink Driving

They have not really spoken about it much in the past but on Tuesday’s This Morning Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield spoke about Ant McPartlin pleading guilty to drink driving.

The pair opened the show by talking about Ant pleading guilty on Monday as the pair also showed a clip of Ant talking outside Wimbledon court.

After the video Phillip said:

‘We’re sending our love to everyone who was involved’

This comes after fans accused the pair of sweeping the story ‘under the carpet’.

Holly Willoughby Runs Around New This Morning Set As They Move From ITV Studio To BBC Television Center

Today This Morning moved to their new studios at BBC Television Center and it seems one person who was really excited about the move was Holly Willoughby.

Holly decided to run around the set in excitement as she explored all around while her co-presenter Phillip Schofield looked on.

The producers of the show managed to get the set to look as much as possible as the old set and they even took the view with them as they now have big screens up in the studio to recreate the famous River Thames view like ho they use to have it.

Philip said on Monday morning:

‘You shouldn’t really be able to tell any difference at all. This is kind of pointless.’

We have to sya they have done such a good job with the set.

Credit to ITV for the fab move.

This Morning Fans Go Wild For Rylan Clark-Neal And Emma Willis As They Stand In For Holly Willoughby And Phillip Schofield

Today Rylan Clark-Neal and Emma Willis where presenting This Morning and standing in for Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield who are currently on holiday.

Rylan and Emma went down a storm with the viewers as they took to social media to air their viewers.

Rylan and Emma who both work together on Big Brother shows and he opened the show by saying:

‘We’ve worked together six years and we’ve never done This Morning together. I’ve pretty much done it with everyone else you could imagine. Ruth, my husband, Phil, Holly, Geri, Lorraine, Alison, Sarah Greene… I get around.’

To what Emma replied:

‘I’ve done it four times. Four very strong contenders. They are big hitters and now you are on that list, too.’

 Rylan and Emma are hosting the show for the rest of the week.
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