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Love Island Fans Are Weirded Out By Rosie’s Back Piercing

Viewers to Love Island have been left baffles with Rosie’s back piercings.

Rosie has two diamond back piercings and people have been wondering just how you can get a piercing there.

Well they are called dermal piercings and involve bits of skin and flesh being removed from the body to insert the body piercing weird right??

They use to be very popular around five years ago but it seems like they might be making a come back.

What do you think of her piercing?

Kylie Jenner Wear’s A Bra To Get Her Ear Pierced

Kylie Jenner Wear’s A Bra To Get Her Ear Pierced

When most people go about daily activerties they wear a top and trouser but now Kylie Jenner as she has gone to get the top of her ear pierced in a bra.
Kylie decided to have the top of her ear pierced and she now has a bar going from the top of her ear to the corner.
Kylie posed for a photo showing of the new piercing on Instagram.
Wow someone know’s how to get attention.
Put them away Kylie.

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