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Caitlyn Jenner Reveals She Once Dressed As Former Wife Kylie Jenner As Cross Dress

Caitlyn Jenner has revealed that she once crossed dressed as her former wife Kris Jenner while he was Bruce Jenner.

Caitlyn has filmed an episode of Piers Morgan’s Life Stories with Piers himself and that’s when she opened up about how he use to dress as his former wife.

Caitlyn said:

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Katie Price Announces New Tell All Reality Show About Her Family!

Katie Price Announces New Tell All Reality Show About Her Family!

She had a very successful reality show last year called Katie Price Pony Club but now it seems Katie Price is going to return to our TV screens.

It’s been said that Katie is going to be getting a new reality show all about her family life and her daily habits.

The show is being made by the people who make Piers Morgan’s Life Stories and Come Dine With Me and they have

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Katie Price Reveals The Sexual Abuse She Received As A Child Talking About It For The First Time On Loose Women

Katie Price has opened up for the first time about the sexual abuse she experienced at just the age of seven.

The former glamour model talked about it for the first time on Wednesday afternoon as she said:

‘There was the sexual assault and I was later raped, which I have discussed before and I do believe it led to me dressing provocatively and becoming a model.


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