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Marnie Simpson Admits She Has Spent Over £20,000 On Cosmetic Proceudres

Marnie Simpson has confessed that she has spent a whopping £20,000 on cosmetic procedures.

Marnie has said that she has had her lips filled, cheeks filled, liposuction, two breast lifts and two nose jobs.

The Geordie Shore star said that she looks in the mirror and thinks about ‘changing’ thing about her face all the time.

Marnie’s cousin admitted that she was the ‘prettiest girl in the school’ so why would she want to change her looks?

Katie Price’s Friends Think She Is ‘Endangering After Having MORE Plastic Surgery

Katie Price's Friends Think She Is 'Endangering After Having MORE Plastic Surgery

Katie Price is no stranger to going under the knife but now it’s looking like her friends are getting really worried about the amount she has had done.

Her friend have said according to sources that they fear she is ‘endangering her health’ with going under the knife so many times in such a little time.

It now seems that Katie is struggling with her confidence since she found out that her husband Kieran Hayler had been having another affair.

According to sources her friend said:

“Katie is struggling with her confidence after being so publicly slated by Chris. On top of that things with Kieran are still rocky and once again she thinks a quick nip and tuck will solve all of her problems,” the source told the magazine.

“But Kate has been warned that, because of complications with there last two boob jobs, another will leave her at risk of serious infection and complications,” the source added.

“Kate knows it will be dangerous. But right now it’s surgery or therapy and the former is a quick fix,” the source said.

Over the years Katie has had so much trouble with her plastic surgery as do you remember when she was in Celebrity Big Brother when she had to hold her breast up all the time because it leaked the whole time she was in the house?

Carol Vorderman Shocks I’m A Celeb Viewers With Her ‘Frozen Face’

Carol Vorderman Shocks I'm A Celeb Viewers With Her 'Frozen Face'

Carol Vorderman entered the I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here last night as we where al watching but it wasn’t her antics on the show what got people talking.

Viewers where talking about Carol’s face and how it seemed ‘frozen’ on the show.

Carol was accused of going under the knife and the needle by the viewers.

Watching the show one Twitter user said:

Carol Vorderman has actually modified her face beyond all recognition. Blimey… Catching up on #ImACeleb – what the hell has happened to Carol Vorderman’s face?!

Another said:

‘Wtf has carol vorderman done to her face… CHRIST LOVE WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO YOUR FACE?? WHERE DID YOU GET IT DONE?

We have to say we where thinking the same her face no longer does move.

What do you think??

Pete Burnes Shows Off His Ever Changing Look On Big Brother After Show!

Pete Burnes Shows Off His Ever Changing Look On Big Brother After Show!

   Pete Burns is no stranger to changing his looks because every time he’s in public he has had more and more work don’t but now he has taken it to the extrem. Pete shows off his new face and hair as he appeared along side Rylan Clark on Big Brothers after show Bit On The Side. Fans watched in astonishment to see Pete look so different and in typical viewing public Fashion they started taking to…

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Tulisa Finally Admits She’s Had Work Done!

Tulisa Finally Admits She’s Had Work Done!

Tulisa Finally Admits She’s Had Work Done!

The last few months there has not been a day go by that Tulisa Contostavlos has not been in the news.

With a ongoing drugs trial and her attacking a man a V Festival lots of reports have been posted about the comer X Factor judge but it wasn’t just the court cases that where making the news.

Her lips and and her appearance has been the most talked about because she has changed her appearance…

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