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James Argent Talks About His Nose Job Operation On Loose Women

He recently splashed out over £5k on a new nose but now James Argent has talked about the reason behind it.

James appeared on Loose Women on Friday when he said that due to his recent weight loss his nose ‘stood out’ causing him to want to go under the knife.

Talking on the show he said:

‘I didn’t want to change my face, I wanted it to be subtle. I wanted it to be natural and that’s how it has come out.

‘I was a lot bigger before and my features didn’t stand out so much, but when I lost weight, my features stood out – there was a big bump and i wanted it straightened out.

James then confessed that him wanting the surgery was the pressures of being on the TV:

‘There is pressure to look a certain way – there’s a lot of good-looking fellas on the show, but I’m not trying to be in competition with them’.

His new nose looks fab.

Katie Price Gets Slammed By Loose Women Viewers Over Ever Changing Face

Katie Price appeared on Loose Women today as she does most weeks but today all viewers where talking about on social media was her every changing face.

Katie who’s recently had a face procedure and filmed it for her social media accounts looked different than ever but now one viewer has questioned if she was involved in a car crash because her face is so different.

One viewer tweeted:

Katie price looks like she’s made from clay.”

While another said:

Katie Price looks more like the bride of wildenstein every day.”

The viewers where just left really shocked and some of them have asked her to stop changing her face.

Kieran Hayler’s Ex Laura-Alicia Simpson Admits She’s Wanting More Surgery To Look Like Katie Price To Win Ex Back

She’s the ex of Katie Price’s husband Kieran Hayler but now it’s looking like Laura-Alicia Simpson is having lots of plastic surgery to look like Katie to win her former boyfriend back.

Laura has said that she has spent a whopping £100,000 on plastic surgery to look like Katie and to win back Hayler now that him and Katie are over.

It was in 2012 when Laura and Kieran dated but then split and that’s when Keiran got with Katie and then soon married.

Talking to the Daily Star Simpson said:

“The plan now is to splash another £100,000 to make myself look like Kate, just much more attractive, and win Kieran back,”

“I’m going to be even more glamorous and sexy – he won’t be able to resist.

“I’m going to turn myself into a Barbie doll queen, naughty and nice at the same time. He won’t know what’s hit him.”

The question is is Kieran still interested or not??

We shall keep you posted on this story.

Katie Price Shows Off Her £5,000 Cheeks And Jawline Procedure On Loose Women

Katie Price Shows Off Her £5,000 Cheeks And Jawline Procedure On Loose Women

Katie Price has had a number of different procedures done in her time but now Katie has decided to splash out a whopping £5,000 to have cheek and jawline procedure.

The former glamour model appeared on Loose Women on Tuesday when she showed off her new look as she appeared on the ITV show with a puffy face.

Katie has had a ‘Silhouette Face Lift’ uses permanent surgical threads that remain in Katie’s skin tissue.

What do you think of her new look??

Love Island’s Jessica Shears To Have Breast Reduction

Love Island's Jessica Shears To Have Breast Reduction

Love Island’s Jessica Shears was no stranger to showing off her body in the villa but now Jess has said that she is planning a breast reduction to sort out her “weird boobs”.

Recently Jess has been speaking to Ok Magazine where she talked about he boob job what she had done a few years ago.

She said:
“Yes, I had my boobs done when I was 20 or 21, but I didn’t make a very well-advised decision about them.
“They didn’t turn out great and I suffered a lot of side effects. I’ve been looking at getting them reduced.”

Jess has spoke to surgeons about how she believes that the implant is too heavy for her skin as she continued:

 “I’ve got rippling and what they call bottoming out, which is when the implant is too heavy for the skin.

“I’ve found a surgeon, it’s just figuring out when I can fit it in, and exactly what I want done.
“They’re way too big. I shouldn’t have got that big on a implant over the muscle at such a young age.”


Jemma Lucy Announces She Wants To Have Her G Boobs Made Bigger!

She already has a whopping size G boobs but now Jemma Lucy has annouced on Snapchat that she wants to have them made bigger.

Taking to her Snapchat she said:

‘I’m going bigger!’

Jemma was talking to her friend during the conversation but her pal wasn’t too keen on her having them made bigger as she shouted:

‘You don’t need another boob job!’

Her boobs are so massive and she really doesn’t need to have them made bigger.

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