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Ant McPartlin Is Charged With Drink Driving!

Will Ant McPartlin Won't Be Able To Presenter Britain's Got Talent

It’s just been announced that Ant McPartlin has been charged with drink driving.

The TV presenter has been bailed to appear before Magistrates in London early next month.

Ant who was pulled over at the roadside on Sunday afternoon and test positive was spotted outside Kingston police station on Wednesday afternoon.

Ant was interviewers under caution and released on Sunday and was spotted arriving at his home in the early hours of Monday morning.

Alex Reid Was The One Who Reported Katie Price To The Police Over Revenge Porn

Katie Price Claims Husband Kieran Hayler's Cheating Has Aged Her By '10 Years'

Yesterday we told you about how the police are investigating claims that Katie Price has been involved in a revenge pron case where she showed a audience of around 40 people a video of her former husband Alex Reid having sex.

It wasn’t clear it if was one of the audience members who reported Katie or Alex himself but now it has been said to have been Alex and he is ‘so upset’.

In a statement released to the Sun he said:

“I am very upset that such private matters are once again being aired in the press.

“I am taking legal action against Katie Price over her actions and I will not be commenting publicly any further.”

Also a sources has said to the Sun:

“Alex reported Katie to the police after he learnt of the incident. He was told that she had shown an explicit video of him to people during filming for a TV show and was understandably upset.”

We will keep you posted on this story.

Two Men Arrested After ‘Machete Incident’ Outside Justin Bieber Concert In Cardiff

Justin Bieber

Tonight two men have been arrested in cardiff after they where spotted with machete’s outside a Justin Bieber concert.

Video’s have been shared online of police officers wrestling the men to the floor and arresting them just 500 yards from the entrance to the Principality Stadium in Cardiff.

One of the policemen were seen having the weapon in their hands after the wristen them to the floor as he took it away according to sources.

No one has been hurt thanfuly and police have said that they dont think it’s not linked to the Justin Bieber concert.

We will keep you posted on this story.

Stephanie Davis Calls Police In After Sex Tape Is Relesed!

As we just told you a Sex Tape featuring Stephanie Davis has been published online and is cruently flying around the internet.

Now we have learnt that Stephanie has called the police over the tape and is trying to get it removed from the internet.

Stephanie has been left in shock with the video getting leaked online but at the moment we are not sure who featured in the video with her.

We shall keeps you posted.

Children And Parents Spotted Dancing With Police Officer At Ariana Grande One Love Manchester Concert!

Children And Parents Spotted Dancing With Police Officer At Ariana Grande One Love Manchester Concert!Tonight has been a great night for supporting all the families who have been affected by the Manchester terror attacks where so many amazing people lost their lives by having the One Love Manchester concert put together by Ariana Grande.

One of the best sights from tonight was the singers but it was children and their parents dancing around, hand in hand with a police officer just showing how strong we are in England.

Police And Security Swarm Southend Over Bank Holiday Weekend Just Days After Manchester Terror Attacks

Police And Security Swarm Southend Over Bank Holiday Weekend Just Days After Manchester Terror Attacks

Over the bank holiday weekend Police and security officers where wondering around Southend in their numbers as they intend to cut terror threats.

The security where wondering around the Adventure Island theme park while the police where walking along the sea front where they had a mobile police office.

This comes just days after the Manchester terror attacks where 22 people lost their lives at a Ariana Grande concert at M.E.N Arena.

45-year-old Debra from Essex said:

“It’s good to see the security and police patrolling the area at these times it really does make me feel at ease.”

We have to say we agree with Debra it’s fantastic that the police and security are out making sure that nothing suspicious is going on.