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Jennifer Lopez Wore A Whopping $2 Million Of Diamonds At The VMAS!

Talk about diamond Lil!

Jennifer Lopez wore a whopping $2 million dollars worth of diamonds to the VMAS last weekend.

Jennifer who is no stranger to being covered in beautiful diamonds took it to another level with the amount of jewelry she was wearing for the event.

The diamonds what she was wearing where Tiffany diamonds and one of them was a  one-of-a-kind diamond earrings what according to Vogue Tiffany & Co,. wouldn’t even confirm the price of.

The earrings had a mixture of round and baguettes shaped stones in a pavé setting.

Lopez stylist Rob Zangardi told Vogue:

‘Naturally, the earrings Jennifer chose were the most expensive ones on the tray!’


Love Island Fans Are Weirded Out By Rosie’s Back Piercing

Viewers to Love Island have been left baffles with Rosie’s back piercings.

Rosie has two diamond back piercings and people have been wondering just how you can get a piercing there.

Well they are called dermal piercings and involve bits of skin and flesh being removed from the body to insert the body piercing weird right??

They use to be very popular around five years ago but it seems like they might be making a come back.

What do you think of her piercing?

Paris Hilton Loses Her $2 Million Engament Ring In Nightclub!

Get the metal detectors out!

If you had a $2 million dollar ring you would guard it with your life and maybe even have 24/7 security to look after it but not Paris Hilton.

Paris has confessed that she has lost the pear shaped ring ring what her boyfriend Chris Zylka brought her to propose with.

Paris said that the ring was ‘so heavy’ and ‘big’ and she confessed that when she was dancing the ring flew off her finger and went into a ice bucket but thankful her boyfriend found it.

Taking to Twitter she shared:

‘The ring was just so heavy and big that while I was dancing it literally flew off my finger into an ice bucket a couple of tables over,’ Hilton explained. ‘Thank God by some miracle my fiancé found it before someone else did and most likely would not have returned it.’

The accident happened at RC Cola Plant at Mana Wynwood, a Miami nightclub  what is hugh so she really is lucky that she found the hugh stone.


A insider told Page Six:

‘Paris was dancing with her hands in the air, and the next minute her giant ring had flown off,’

‘She was really panicked as the venue was packed and very dark, it was the early hours of the morning and it was crazy in there.’

The eyewitness then continued to say that the security on the club doors started looking everywhere for the ring and turned the club upside down and thankfully the ring was found in the ice bucket on another table.

She’s so lucky she found the ring otherwise it could have been a different story!


Chloe Sims Shows Off Lush Brunette Hair Via Instagram

She looks fantastic.

Chloe Sims has decided that brunette is the way forward as she decided to change her blonde locks and dye it brunette as she debuted her new look on her instagram account.

Chloe posed with the new hair showing as she had it styled with large curls and her highlighted cheekbones.

She looks sensational.

Have a look above.

Kim Kardashian Flashes Her Ample Breasts In Latest Instagram Update

She no stranger to flashing some flesh but now Kim Kardashian has decided to pose for a sexy selfie and share it with her Instagram followers.

Kim was dressed in a tight white skirt with what looked just like a bra on but it wasn’t her clothes what got people talking as it was her ample chest.

Kim posed with her breasts on full show in the tiny outfit and she also flashes her midriff too.

She looks just fantastic we have to say.

Have a look at what she shared on Instagram above.

Britain Struggles With More Snow Making It The Coldest February In 27 Years!

Britain Struggles With More Snow Making It The Coldest February In 27 Years!

More heavy snow has fallen over night in the UK causing more havouck for many computers and causing a number of schools to close.

The wintery weather called ‘Beast from the East’ has caused trouble on the roads, stopped trains and buses and a number of accidents on the roads due to them being very slippery.

Roads across the country have been closed and more snow is forcasted overnight tonight.

Every school in Glasgow have been closed today four people died in two separate road accidents in Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire.

It’s been said that this February is the codiest in 27 years so yeah it is very cold outside.

Have a look at some of the love snow snaps above.