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Katie Price Fails To Publicly With Son Junior Happy Birthday As He Turns 13

Katie Price Admits Princess And Junior Are Living With Ex Husband Peter Andre To Avoid 'Emotional Upset'

Katie Price has failed to wish her son Junior happy birthday after he turned 13 on Friday.

Katie who is currently away with her new ‘boyfriend’ Kris Boyson never took to any social media on Junior’s birthday to give him birthday wishes what she normally does with all of her children as this comes after he and his sister Princess have moved in with their father Pete Andrea.

As we reported to you on Thursday Katie and Peter came to the conclusion that the two kids would live with their father full time.

It’s rare for Katie to miss a public celebration on one of her children’s birthdays but it just seems weird that after Junior and Princess start living with their father she doesn’t do any public wishes.

Katie Price Admits Princess And Junior Are Living With Ex Husband Peter Andre To Avoid ‘Emotional Upset’

Katie Price Admits Princess And Junior Are Living With Ex Husband Peter Andre To Avoid 'Emotional Upset'

Katie Price has apparently confirmed that her two children Princess and Junior are living with their father Peter Andre as they feel it’s better for their ’emotional upset’

A rep for the former glamour model has said to the Mirror that after Katie and Peter sat down and talked they came to the conclusion that it will be better for the two children that they live with their father and his wife Emily.

This comes after reports said that  Peter banned Katie from seeing 13-year-old Junior and ten-year-old Princess, as he grew concerned for their well-being due to her ‘out of control’ behaviour.

Now a spokesperson has said:

 ‘What is important [is] that the focus is on what is best for the children during tough times as Peter has acknowledged.

‘Katie is a remarkable mother, Peter is a wonderful father, together they are doing what is best for their children.’



Katie Price Claims Shes Found SHOCKING Messages On 12-Year-Old Son Junior’s Phone

Katie Price Claims Shes Found SHOCKING Messages On 12-Year-Old Son Junior's Phone

Katie Price has claimed that she has found shocking messages from girls on son Junior’s phone!

Katie was on Loose Women on Thursday when the girls were talking about checking their children’s Junior and Princess phone and that’s when Katie confessed to what she has found on his phone.

Price said:

“When they’re in bed, I go through their phones, go through messages.

“There are girls on Junior’s phone I’ve blocked. They’re 12 year olds and I can’t believe what they send.

She continued:

“I go through his notes too.

“I can’t believe there are girls like that who send stuff like that.”

Then Katie continued to say that she has warned her children to not “send certain stuff” to people and said that she has the passwords to both of their phones.

She then said:

“I go through their history and everything they’ve done.

“I’ve told them, ‘If I do find something and you break that trust, I’ll take your phone away.'”


Katie Price Admits She ‘Feels Sorry’ For Ex Peter Andre As He Wont Be Having His Children This Christmas


When marriages breakup with children involved it’s hard when it comes to Christmas and other big events but now Katie Price has been opening up about this christmas admitted that she will be having Princess and Junior this year and Peter Andre their dad will miss out.

Price admitted that she ‘feels’ for Pete with his and wife Emily welcoming the birth of their new baby and it will just be the four of them instead of six.

Katie said on Loose Women Tuesday afternoon:

“I would want my kids all the time and every Christmas day but when you split it doesn’t matter what I want or what Pete wants, you’ve got to think of the kids.”

She continued:

“This year I feel bad for Pete and Emily because they just had a baby but I’ve got Junior and Princess this Christmas. They’re going to have that first Christmas without them

“But then I had to do that when I had my son Jett.”

She then said:

“I say to the kids, ‘You’re so lucky, you get two Christmas’ and two lots of presents.”

Ruth Langsford then asked Katie what would she do if the kids never wanted to go to their dad’s over the festive period and she said:

“When they get older they might say, ‘Oh I want to be with you’, but you can’t really let them make those rules so early.”

“Peter and Emily are both extremely happy. Both mother and baby are doing fine.”

It is sad but it is true they do have two christmas with their mum and their dad.

Katie Price’s Daughter Tells Her To “Put Your T*ts Away!” And Admits She Won’t Follow Katie Into the World Of Glamour Modeling


She became famous though posing and getting her boobs out for the camera but now Katie Price has admitted that her daughter Princess won’t be following in the footsteps of her mother.

Katie admitted during an event last night that Princess has no dreams of following in Katie’s footsteps but she does want to get into TV.

Princess tells her mum according to Katie:

‘Mum! Put your t*ts away!’

Katie also hinted that Princess and her brother Junior have some TV work coming up next year as she said:

You’ll see what happens with Junior and Princess next year.”

“The conversations they come up with I wouldn’t know about when I was their age.

Katie then continued to say:

“They know a lot about sex stuff and violent stuff – they’re growing up too quickly.”

So if they get their own TV show they will be talking about sex then?

Katie Price Wants To Spend Christmas With Peter Andre So All Of The Family Can Be Together

Katie Price Admits That She Was 'Obsessed With Peter Andre And Hopes To Talk To him One Day About How Their Marriage Brokwdown

Wow we wasn’t expecting this!

It seem’s Christmas this year for Katie Price might be very awkward as she had admitted that she would like to spend Christmas with her former husband Peter Andre so all the family can be together along with her husband Kieran Hayler.

As you may know Pete is the father of Katie’s two children Princess and Junior so just seem’s she just wants them to be with their mum and dad on the big day.

Apparently Katie has asked Peter and his wife Emily MacDonagh to come round to her house to celebrate the big day all together.

A source has told Reveal magazine:

“Katie sees no issue in them doing something all together for Christmas,”

“Katie doesn’t see it as muscling in on Emily’s baby’s first Christmas, either – she wants to be involved and hopes Pete sees this as her goodwill gesture, and nothing else. Christmas is a time to be with the people you love.

It continued to say:

“It’s when family should be together, and Katie knows Pete loves Christmas too. It makes sense to spend it together – after all, it’s all about the kids. Plus, she secretly can’t wait to meet Pete’s new baby, as she always gets broody around newborns.”

It must be so awkward knowing that they have so much history together and both their new partners will be there too.