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Ferne McCann’s Acid Attacker Ex Arthur Collins Poses With Phone, Designer Goods And Alchol Inside Prison

Ferne McCann Misses Out On TV Deal After Former Boyfriend Arthur Collins Linked To Acid Attack In London Nightclub

He’s meant to be doing a 20 year sentence in HMP Belmarsh prison in south east London but it seems Arthur Collins is living the life of luxury.

It’s been reported that Arthur has been posing with bottles of alcohol and designer goods all taken on a phone what he has had smuggled into the prison.

The former boyfriend of Ferne McCann was arrested after he threw acid over a packed nightclub in London last year.

Sophie Hall who suffered burns to her face and arms in the attack has said to the Sun on Sunday:

‘They make me feel sick.

‘How can someone who has done something so evil have alcohol and mobile phones in prison? It infuriates me.’


BREAKING NEWS: Acid Attacker Arthur Collins Gets 8 More Months Added To His Sentance After Taking Phone Into Prison To Call Ferne McCann

News has just broke that Arthur Collins who threw acid over a crowded nightclub has added 8 more months added to his sentence after he took a phone into prison to call his ex girlfriend and mother of his child Ferne McCann.

Arthur smuggled the phone into his prison cell to call his ex and it was last month when Arthur confessed to having the phone in his cell and is using two sim cards and and two memory sticks inside a crutch while awaiting trial over the attack, which left 16 people with chemical burns and three people temporarily blinded.

Judge Nicholas Heathcote Williams has said:

‘The presence of a mobile phone or component part such as a Sim card has many implications, not only for the prison establishment, but also the wider environment.

‘It provides a prisoner or prisoners with an opportunity to communicate they would otherwise not have.

‘This therefore allows them to act in a way prison is supposed to prevent them from doing.’

Lauren Goodger Has Jailbird Boyfriends Name Tattooed On Her Wrist

She denied that they where an item but now it seems like Lauren Goodger has confirmed her romance with prison inmate convicted burglar Joey Morrison.

The reality star has decided to have his name tattooed on her wrist to mark her love for Joey but sadly she wont be spending Christmas with him because he is currently on a 16-year sentence.

Goodger decided to have the tattoo on her right arm to show a symbol of her love for him.

Lauren and Joey have both talked about building a life together when he comes out and she has even talked about having his child too.

Lauren Goodger Will Spend Christmas In Prison ‘Close Friend’ Joey Morrison And Admits She Will Have A Baby In 2017

Lauren Goodger has admitted that she is looking to have a baby next year and said that she is going to spend Christmas in prison with her ‘close friend’ and convicted criminal Joey Morrison.

Speaking to Closer magazine she said that she just cant wait to be a mother as she continued to say:

‘I’ll have one [a baby] next year. I want one right now, really. Hopefully I’ll have a little girl, but if I have a boy first, then it’s fine because she’ll have an older brother.’

Then Lauren started talking about her lover friend who s currently doing a 18 month sentence but it going to be set free in a matter of months.

She continued to say;

‘He’s not a bad person because he’s in prison. Yes, he’s not been an angel but people deserve a second chance and his crimes never involved innocent people.’

‘I’m going to visit him over the Christmas period and I really wanted to see him on Christmas Day, but sadly the prison is closed.’

Lauren also called Joey ‘a beautiful person inside and out’.

Lauren Goodger Wants A Baby With Jailbird Boyfriend Joey Morrison


She really broody!

Lauren Goodger has admitted that she would like to start a family with her jailbird boyfriend convicted burglar Joey Morrison.

It was rumored back in September that Lauren was dating the burglar but she denied that she was dating him but now it seems like she has confirmed her romance.

A source has said to Closer magazine:

“Lauren has been visiting Joey in prison every other week and she’s told her friends that he makes her feel really special.

“She hasn’t spoken to him about whether they can start a proper relationship when he gets out, but she gets the impression he feels the same way about her.

It continued:

“She’s heard he’s due for early release next year and she’d love to give things a proper go then. Lauren’s extremely broody and she’s been making jokes about how beautiful their children would be. She’d love to have a baby with him because she’s never been this happy with anyone else before.”

We wonder if they will be starting a family together?

Amy Childs Annouces She Pregnant With Jailed Boyfriend 

Amy Childs has announced on Monday morning that she is having a baby with boyfriend Bradley Wright after trying to get pregnant before he served his five-month spell in prison for handling stolen goods last year.

Amy broke the news to OK magazine as she graces the cover with her boyfriend. 

In the interview Amy admitted that she is ‘shocked but happy’ about the news. 

We will keep you posted on this story.