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Greg James Annouces He Engaged As His Girlfriend Proposed To Him FIVE MONTHS AGO

He’s just landed the job as Radio 1 Breakfast host after taking over from Nick Grimshaw but it seems Greg James has had other exciting things going on in his life.

Greg has announced that his girlfriend has asked him to marry her FIVE MONTHS AGO.

Sharing the photo above Greg said:

‘Oh while we’re doing announcements, here’s something else…I’m having the time of my life and enjoying my work more than ever.

I feel really content and it’s nice to have my s**t together before I undertake a huge new work challenge. One of the main reasons for this happiness is because I met this person. This is Bella and in February she asked me to marry her.

‘I said yes immediately because she is the smartest, funniest and most beautiful person I’ve ever met.

Greg who dated Ellie Goulding for two years seemed really excited to be engaged to his lady and we have to say a massive congratulations to them both.

Nick Grimshaw Annouces That He Is Stepping Down As Host Of Radio 1 Breakfast Show

Nick Grimshaw Annouces That He Is Stepping Down As Host Of Radio 1 Breakfast Show

Nick Grimshaw has announced that he is stepping down as the Radio 1 Breakfast Show host after six years of presenting after he took over the role from Chris Moyles.

It’s been said that Greg James will take over.

Breaking the news on Thursday morning he wrote on Twitter:

”It was always my dream to do the breakfast show and I’m very grateful that I got to live my dream every day for what will be nearly six years.

‘But six years is a long time and this isn’t a forever job. I had the time of my life.’

Then Radio 1’s Twitter account then tweeted:

‘Don’t worry though guys, Grimmy may be stepping down from the Breakfast Show but he’s staying with the station and our friend and yours, Mr @gregjames will be waking you up every morning

‘Congratulations to both of you, we ❤️ you both!’

So sad.

Grimmy you will be missed.

Paddy McGuinness Cancels Radio 1 Appearance After He’s Spotted Getting Close To Nicole Appleton Behind Wife’s Back

Paddy McGuinness has pulled out of his appearance on Radio 1 after photos have been published in the press of him getting really close to Nicole Appleton despite being married to Christine.

A source has said:

“He was booked to appear on today’s show, but last yesterday afternoon he cancelled.

“It was really last minute.”

It was only yesterday when photo’s appeared online of Paddy’s wife crying in her car but she still had her wedding ring on.

Jamie Jewitt Talks About Gemma Collins Falling Through Hole In Stage At The Teen Awards

Jamie Jewitt Talks About Gemma Collins Falling Through Hole In Stage At The Teen Awards

It must have been such a shock.

Jamie Jewitt has been talking about a couple of weeks ago when Gemma Collins was presenting at Wembley arenas for the Teen Awards when she feel though the stage just as he was coming up though the stage and she crashed into him.

Now the Love Island star has said that he hard a massive thud and then looke ddown and noticed Gemma laying on the platform.

Jamie has said:

‘We were so nervous going up through the stage, myself, Marcel and Amber,’ he began. ‘It kind of broke the ice to say the least. It was a bit chaotic, we didn’t know what had quite happened.

‘We heard a thud and turned around and she was laying on the floor screaming. She was screaming and laughing at the same time. We tried to help up and she said: “Leave me go, go”.’

Then he continued to say:

“Then Marcel realised her leg was sticking out of the lift and we were going up through a gap in the floor.

‘Her leg and her arm were sticking out so Marcel quickly grabbed her leg and arm and pulled it through. If she hadn’t of done that she would have had a crushed arm and leg. It could have gone quite south, other than that it was all good fun.’

Then Jamie said that Gemma just shrugged it off and then jumped up on the stage and like the true pro she is continued with presenting the award.

‘She laughed, she took like an absolute champ,’ he added. ‘She was giggling away and laughing at herself. It’s what you have to do in that situation, my hat off to her. It’s one of those things it’s live TV, you can’t control it and you have to laugh.

‘We keep on asking her if she was OK but she kept saying “I’m fine”. She dealt with it so well.’

Must have been such a shock for all four of them.

Nick Grimshaw’s BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show Rating Are At An All Time Low

Nick Grimshaw's BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show Rating Are At An All Time Low

This is not good.

The rating figures have said that les and les people are listening to Nick Grimshaw’s BBC Radio 1 Breakfast show.

The show what airs between 6.30am and 10am, saw his audience dip below the 5million mark for the first time.

According to radio audience body Rajar the show lost a whopping 500,00 listeners in the space of just three months.

Nick’s rival Chris Evans on Radio 2 is getting mass amount of listeners as it has peaked to a whopping 9 million.

It’s not good for Nick at all.

Gemma Collins Is Going To SUE The BBC Over That Fall At The Radio 1 Teen Awards

Gemma Collins Is Going To SUE The BBC Over That Fall At The Radio 1 Teen Awards

Gemma Collins has admitted that she is going to sue the BBC after she fell down a hole in the stage at the Radio 1 Teen Awards on Sunday afternoon.

Gemma has now admitted that she was worried that she was going to be  crushed by a hydraulic platform that was raising Love Island stars.

Talking to The Sun Gem said:

 “I’m in total shock. It is a miracle I am living to tell the tale.

“I could have died or at least been disabled at the end of it. I could have been legless. Legless!

I’m not being funny, I didn’t even get a tenner for turning up. I didn’t even know there was a hole there.

“To be honest when it happened I didn’t know where I was, what day of the week it was. No joke, my life did flash before my eyes. I thought I was dead.

She continued:

“People couldn’t see it, but underneath the stage there’s a lot of machinery and the Love Island people were coming up on a platform.

“When I actually went down into the pit, they were screaming, ‘Get her up because her legs are going to get crushed, her legs are going to get crushed’.

“I felt so sorry for Marcel because he obviously took my weight. I went straight on to him. The little girl got knocked down.”

Gemma then admitted that she has been in touch with her lawyer as she continued to say:

“I’ve got to consult a lawyer, yeah. The BBC, they’ve not been in touch with any compensation or anything — or even an apology.

“It’s very important this gets sorted out because really you know what it is — it’s negligence.

“Do you know what I find shocking? The BBC hasn’t sent any flowers. Nothing.

When Gemma called into This Morning today she was being asked questions by the hosts of the show and she keeped on saying that it “was in the hands of her layers”.