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Big Brother Star Pete Bennett Is Now Working As A Cleaner After He Lost £100,000 Prize Fund

He’s one of the most famous faces to come out of Big Brother but it seems the showbiz world is not for Pete Bennett.

Pete is now a cleaner as he has struggled to keep a career in the public eye and losing his whopping £100,000 prize fund from winning the reality show back in 2006.

So if you want Pete to clean your house he will do it for a whopping £100 per hour.

Writing on the company who he works for Facebook page he said:

“I am proud to announce that Ive started my new cleaning business…

so If you need your place spotless, gizza call , I’m your man! Selfies and FUN included”

Pete said:

“I don’t mind getting my hands dirty and I’ll do any sort of cleaning job.

“I think other celebrities will definitely come on board because there are a lot who need money between the work. It’ll be a good laugh.

He continued:

“It’s definitely a novel way of getting a cleaner in but it’s not a gimmick, I will definitely clean their homes, I’m pretty good at it.”

Lets hope that eh is happy doing it because he has had such a life.

Jedwards Dad Fights For His Life In Hospital But The Boys Were Never Told In The Celebrity Big Brother House

Jedwards Dad Fights For His Life In Hospital But The Boys Were Never Told In The Celebrity Big Brother House

They have been locked out of the outside world for the last month but Jedward have been let out of the Celebrity Big Brother house tonight to find out that their father is in a bad way.

The singing duo where released from the house on Friday night as they came second in the popular reality show being beat by Coleen Nolan.

Their father John wanted them to enjoy their time in the house before they where told the bad news so that’s why they where never told while they where inside the house.

edward’s mum and manager Susanna Condron has said to the Daily Star:

“The last week has been very stressful for Jedward’s family.

“John Snr has been in intensive care. He insisted Edward and John must not be informed about his critical condition.

She continued:

“He stated he would not jeopardise their chances of reaching the final as ‘there would have been legions of disappointed fans’.”

We wish John a speedy recover and lets hope that he is well soon.

Calum Best Admits He Has To Do Reality TV To Pay The Bills

Calum Best Admits He Has To Do Reality TV To Pay The Bills

He’s king of reality TV but it seems that the reason Calum Best does all the TV work he does is to simply pay the bills.

Calum who has appeared on shows such a Love Island, Celebrity Big Brother and Famously Single said during his new therapy show that he would love to say no to the show but he needs to do them to survive.

He said:

“If I could easily say no… I wouldn’t be doing f**king reality TV if I didn’t need to me,”

“I do these things as I need to earn a living and this is the path I’m on. I haven’t been on TV for 15 years and when jobs come, they come.

“I can’t say no to them and can’t miss out on being paid. I have to get paid. I know it’s not all about the money but at the moment it is, I have to pay rent and sort things out.”

Then therapist Mandy Saligari said:

“It just feels exploitative of you, if that’s true.”

To what Calum replied back:

“The reality of what you’re saying and the raw truth is, I sometimes regret doing some of these things and wish I’d stood my ground more, waiting for the bigger, better, less exploiting picture.

“But I’m not in a position to do that or sit back and wait and hope I don’t have to exploit something to make a living.”

It looks like he just wants to do shows like that to earn a living because he does have a wild lifestyle.

If you want to catch the show it’s on tonight on Channel 5.

Jamie O’Hara Is Still Trying To See His Kids Since He Was Voted Out Of The Celebrity Big Brother House The Weekend

This is not good for him.

It seems Jamie O’Hara is having trouble with his ex-wife Danielle Lloyd as he was evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house over the weekend and still hasn’t seen his children.

Since Jamie went into the BB house his ex has had a problem with his talking about her in the house and even appeared on This Morning to talk about how she felt.

Sources have said to the Mirror that Jamie is still waiting to hear back from Danielle on when he will see his boys Archie, six, Harry, five, and George, two.

A source has said:

“He’s really looking forward to seeing his boys as soon as his filming commitments are finished. He left the house, was taken into hiding, was released very late last night by production and had a quiet dinner with his dad.

It continued to say:

“First thing he did when he woke up this morning was reach out to make arrangements to see his sons. He’s still waiting to hear back but is looking forward to spending some quality time with them out of the public eye as he has always done.”

Lets hope that he can make contact with her soon and get to see his beloved boys.

Jedward Put Bianca Gascoigne Up For Eviction After She Never Told New Love Jamie O’Hara That She Had A Boyfriend Outside Celebrity Big Brother

Jedward Put Bianca Gascoigne Up For Eviction After She Never Told New Love Jamie O'Hara That She Had A Boyfriend Outside Celebrity Big Brother

It seems Bianca Gascoigne has not gone down well in the Celebrity Big Brother house after she has struck up a relationship with Jamie O’Hara even though she had a boyfriend in the outside world but only told her other housemates about her lover this week.

This week the housemates had to nominate and it was Jedward who though it was best to vote for the blonde because she has been lying to Jamie’s face about her relationships status.

Jedward told Bianca that they voted for her ‘For not telling Jamie your dating status outside of the Big Brother house.’

At the end of the day how ever nice Bianca is she has a boyfriend in the outside world so we cant believe that any other housemates never voted for her too.

Coleen Nolan Worries For James C As She Thinks He Could Get Violent!

He’s proved himself to be one of the nicest people in this years Celebrity Big Brother and was awarded a pass to the final of the show over the weekend but was it all a act and is James C’s true colours about to come out.

Coleen Nolan has said that she is worried about the famous actor and that he is going to get angry.

This has came after James was asked by Big Brother to nominate a housemate to be put up for eviction every single week until they are voted out and he decided to pick Spidey.

Talking in the Diary room she said:

“I’m too much of a p***y to say anything.”

Lets hope that he does not get angry because that could mean that he is kicked out of the house.