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Love Island’s Gabby And Marcel Have Had Sex!

Love Island's Gabby And Marcel Have Had Sex!

She made him wait in the Love Island villa but now Gabby Allen and Marcel Somerville have had sex.

The pair who where together for most of the series where often asked why they where not having sex in the villa like the other islanders but Gabby always said that she wouldn’t do it on the TV.

Now they have been out a couple of days Gabby and Marcel have finally had sex and apparently it lived up to their expectations.

During a interview after leaing the villa Gabby said:

 ‘We had sex! It lived up to expectations. It was really good. We had dutch courage as well, we had a few drinks which always makes things easier.’

Then talking about waiting to have sex Gabby said:

‘I don’t feel like I should be shamed for NOT having sex on TV. I’ve been out I’ ve seen there’s been lots of talk about me not doing it, and me not fancying Marce.

‘But I made a promise to my brother and my mum that I wasn’t going to do it. People don’t realise that there’s literally a thousand cameras looking at you all the time. It’s really hard to get sexy. I didn’t feel any pressure. It just didn’t sit well with me.’

The pair have been praised by the viewing public after all the other couples where having sex and Gabby always said that she wouldnt on TV.

Glad the pair are going well.

Love Island’s Montana Brown And Alex Beattie Have Been DUMPED From Show

Love Island's Montana Brown And Alex Beattie Have Been DUMPED From Show

They are just one day away from the final of Love Island but it seems the time has ran out for Montana Brown and her boyfriend Alex Beattie.

The islanders where asked to vote for the pair who they wanted out of the villa and the three couples with the most voted will face the public vote.

It was out of Camilla and Jamie, Macel and Gabby and Montana and Alex but it seems it was time for Montana and Alex to pack their case and leave the villa.

The pair have just missed out on the final of the show and scooping a whopping £50,000.

Love Islands Tyla Carr And Mike Thalassitis Have Had Sex

They where kicked off the Love Island villa at at the start of the week but now its been said that `Mike Thalassitis And  Tyla Carr have had sex together.

The pair had sex just hours after leaving the villa just like how aparently he had sex with `Jessica Shears.

A source has said to The Sun:

“Mike and Tyla had sex at the first opportunity they could, and were all over each other as soon as they got back to the hotel.

“There’s a lot of attraction between them – after having to share a bed in the villa and not have sex, there had been a huge build up of sexual tension and after a few drinks one thing led to another.”

The pair proved that they really did like one and other in the villa and clearly they showed their offection for one and other in the outside world.

Chanélle McCleary Has Been Voted Out Of Big Brother

Tonight is a sad night for us because Chanélle McCleary has been voted out of the Big Brother house.

Chanelle who’s been the entertainment of the series we 9th to be evicted after Sam who has been a dead man walking all week and also another housemate will be leaving the house.

We have to say we wanted Chanelle to win the show but some things aren’t meant to be.

Love Island’s Montana And Alex Are Having LOUD Sex For Airtime And To Win Show!

Love Island's Montana And Alex Are Having LOUD Sex For Airtime And To Win Show!

They have only been together for about three weeks but already Montana Brown and Alex Beattie have been having lots of sex in the Love Island villa.

Now it’s been said that the pair are having lots f loud sex to get airtime and to win the show when it comes to an end next week.

In order to win the £50,000 the pair have been boosting their airtime by indulging in marathon sex sessions.

If you’re a regular to watching the show then you would have seen the pair having lots and lots of sex under the covers.

Love Island’s Gabby Says “LIKE” 76 Times In FIVE MINUTES

Love Island's Gabby Says "LIKE" 76 Times In FIVE MINUTES

She’s been branded ‘annoying’ by the viewing public of Love Island but now Gabby has said the word ‘like’ 76 times in a five minute conversation.

It was during her meltdown on Wednesday nights show where she confessed that she was offended by words said by the other girls in the villa and how they never stuck up for her after she failed the lie detector and she continued to say ‘like’ all the time during the conversation.

76 times to be exact.

Viewers to the show have taken to their social media accounts to air their views and some of the tweets have been super funny.

According to The Sun, the personal trainer said 469 words, with a ‘like’ after every 11.1 words.

Just in a five minute conversation Gabby said like 76 times as she said:

‘Last night when it, like, all came out, like, I literally didn’t know what to do,’

‘I was like, it’s either fight or flight. Like everyone else had like their own little things, then like for me I can’t just bounce back and be like, because it’s me as well.’

One person said on social media:

‘If I had a penny for every time Gabby says like I would be a millionaire.’

While another said:

‘Next time you watch Love Island listen to how many times Gabby says like. Show is ruined for me now!”

You know what we are all going to be doing while we are watching Love Island tonight.

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