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Rebecca Ferguson Admits She Never Broke Wind In Front Of X-Boyfriend Zayn Malik

It was in 2011 when Rebecca Ferguson and Zayn Malik dated but now she has been talking about their relationship and revealed something personal.

Rebecca was a Loose Woman for the day as she sat on the panel she admitted that she had never “broke wind” in front of the One Direction singer.

Rebecca who has started dating someone new said:

‘It’s early days with me and my boy at the minute, but I’m kind of … No, I don’t, ever.
‘But, what I do think is when you get to the stage where you’ve – we’ve all been there – the first couple of dates where your belly is absolutely killing you and you just want them to go, because you’re like … that’s when you need to go “Look love, I like you a lot but it’s time for things to get a little bit loose”.’

We are so glad that we know that lol.

Rebecca Ferguson Cries On Loose Women As She Admits She Was sexually Abused Aged 8!

Rebecca Ferguson Cries On Loose Women As She Admits She Was sexually Abused Aged 8!

Rebecca Ferguson has been left in tears today after she appeared on Loose Women and she admitted that she was sexually abused as a child in a children’s care home.

Rebecca said that she was abused at the age of 8-years-old as she admitted that she felt ‘dirty’ for a while after the attack.

Talking to Loose Women Ruth Langsford, Linda Robson, Saira Khan and Penny Lancaster, Rebecca said:

“I was abused while I was in a children’s home.”

I’ve never said this – this is really weird.

“I can relate to that… I’ve never spoken about it. I told one friend, but – as I’ve launched a website – this is the perfect place to speak about it.

“That is what I’m trying to do, make a safe place where women can speak about their problems.”

This comes after Penny and Saira talked about their horrible abuse what they have experienced in their lives.

So horrible it was heartbreaking to watch.

Rebecca Ferguson and Bros Singer Matt Goss Go On Date To See Jack The Ripper

Rebecca Ferguson and Bros singer Matt Goss Go On Date To See Jack The Ripper

Matt and Rebecca sitting in the tree k.i.s.s.i.n.g…

It seem’s we have a new celebrity could as Matt Goss and Rebecca Ferguson have enjoyed a secret date.

A source has reported to The Mirror that they where both spotted walking around hand-in-hand as they enjoyed had a private show of Jack the Ripper tour in East London.

A person who spotted them out has said:

‘It was a bit of a bizarre date, but they seemed really loved-up and only had eyes for each other.

‘Matt was making Rebecca laugh and she seemed smitten – they went for a curry on Brick Lane afterwards.’


Last week she appeared on ITV’s Lorraine where she hinted that she was in a relationship with the singer and even went all shy when the question came up by Lorraine Kelly.

They would make such a lovely couple.

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