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Peter Andre Asks Katie Price To Take A Drugs Test Before Returning Their Children

Katie Price Admits Princess And Junior Are Living With Ex Husband Peter Andre To Avoid 'Emotional Upset'

Katie Price has apparently been on a month long ban by Peter Andre from seeing their two children together Princess and Junior.

Now Katie is about to see the kids again but Peter has demanded that Katie dies a drugs test to see if she has been taking any substance or not.

Price who is currently in a new relationship with toy boy Kris Boyson will apparently have to take the test if she wants anything more to do with her two other children.

An insider has said to Heat:

“[Peter] has had enough,”

“He didn’t put up with this behaviour when he was with Katie and he’s not going to now the kids are old enough to understand everything,” they continued.

“He says there is no excuse for poor parenting – the children must come first.

“Katie is going to have to prove herself if she wants to see them again,”

Cheryl Wanted Liam Payne To Stop Oversharing Family Information During Interviews

Liam Payne Admits That He Misses Cheryl As He Shares Selfie Of Them Having A Face Mask

With the news that Liam Payne and Cheryl’s relationship is going down the pan it’s nwo been said that Cheryl was desperate for Liam to stop talking about their family details during interviews.

Reports have said that Cheryl was desperate for Liam  to “stop talking” about their lives as this comes the same week that lots of reports have been saying that they are over.

A source has said to The Sun:

“Cheryl is very private and doesn’t want Bear’s life to be lived in public, while Liam was so proud he couldn’t stop talking about his son, and by extension, Cheryl,”

“She’d ask him not to speak about her, or her opinions in interviews, but he’s naturally chatty and he’d let details slip.

“She’s had more experience in the industry than him and knows it’s better to hold back rather than tell everyone everything.

“But he didn’t see the problem – he’s just a proud dad.”


Johnny Mitchell Slames Ex Stephanie Pratt And Wants Her On Celebrity Big Brother

Johnny Mitchell and Stephanie Pratt dated back in 2017 bu then split all of a sudden after a few Instagram posts Stephanie shared with photos of her crying.

Now with Johnny being in the Celebrity Big Brother house has said that he wishes for Stephanie to go into the house with him and he also slated her too.

Before going into the house he said:

“She’ll hate [me doing Celebrity Big Brother] and I’m glad she hates it as well.”

Talking to New Magazine he continued:

“I pray she comes into that house.

“You can’t run away from the truth. She can sit down on the keyboard, but when you’re in the same room as me, it’s a very different story.

“Send her in. It’ll be hilarious.”

The pair had a very messy split so her entering the house would be so funny.

Charlotte Corsby Gets Cosy With New Boyfriend Joshua Ritchie In Instagram Video

Charlotte Corsby Gets Cosy With New Boyfriend Joshua Ritchie In Instagram Video

She’s fresh out of a relationship with Stephen Bear but now it seems Charlotte Crosby is off the market again with other man.

Over the last couple of weeks Charlotte has been spending lots of time with Ex On The Beach star Joshua Ritchie and on Sunday night things got heated up a bit.

Crosby shared a video to her Instagram page of Josh in her bed and they both looked like they were having a great time together.

In one clip it showed Crosby wrapping her legs around Josh and she’s seen playing with his hair.

Both Charlotte and Josh were linked together in December and have been on a number of nights out together ever since.

Maybe another romance is on the cards for Charlotte.

Gemma Collins And James Argent To Spend New Year Together Abroad

They have been  though their ups and downs but now it seems Gemma Collins and James Argent are going to be seeing the new year in together as it’s  been reported that both Gemma and Arg have been spotted in Marbella together.

The pair who have been off and on for a while now seem to be back together after they where spotted landing at the airport in Spain together just before new year.

Olivia Attwood Admits Her Relationship With Chris Hughes Is ‘Testing’

Olivia Attwood Admits Her Relationship With Chris Hughes Is 'Testing'

They have been dating since they meet on Love Island in the summer but now it’s looking like Olivia Attwood might be having trouble dating Chris Hughes.

Olivia has confessed that dating Chris is ‘testing’ as it was during an Q & A with Storm London when Olivia admitted that she was having trouble in her relationship.

When someone asked her about how her relationship with Chris is she replied and said:

“It’s testing, but good.”

The pair have had so many testing things in their time as the on going feud with Katie Price and the struggles of being in the public eye all of a sudden.

Let’s hope they can sort things out.