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Scarlett Moffatt Confirms She’s Dating On/Off Boyfriend Luke Crodden

They have been on and off for a while now but it seems Scarlett Moffatt has confirmed that she is back in a relationship with Luke Crodden as she gushed that he is her ‘best friend.’

Scarlett has been talking about Luke to Ok Magazine as she said:

‘He’s amazing. We’re best friends.

‘He moved his whole life down to London to be with me. When I get anxious he’s so reassuring.’

 Glad that she is happy and getting on with Luke.

Is Stephanie Davis Dating This Famous Face?

Is Stephanie Davis Dating This Famous Face?

Is Stephanie Davis dating Ricky Rayment is the question what we all want to know?

It was back in September when Stephanie and Ricky exchanged some flirty tweets between one and other on their public profiles but now sources have said that it’s a bit of flirty fun and nothing serious.

The source said to the Mirror Online:

“The online flirting with Ricky was purely for a reaction but he made it clear that is was just a bit of harmless fun. He didn’t want to get caught up in anything serious,”

“They’re well suited. They’re similar people so I wish them all the luck in the world,”

We think that they would make a good couple but with all what has gone on between her and Jeremy McConnell we think that she needs to take a break from relationships.

James ‘Arg’ Argent And Gemma Collins Confirm That They ‘Still Mean A Lot To Each Other As They Film TOWIE Together

They had one of the biggest relationships in The Only Way Is Essex history but now that they have been apart for a while Gemma Collins and James ‘Arg’ Argent have confessed that they still have feelings for one and other.

The pair have put their differences aside as they filmed scenes for TOWIE together and on the reality show they both confessed their feelings.

A source has said to The Sun:

‘The entire cast want Gemma and Arg to give their romance another go,’

‘There’s a lot more opportunity for them to officially reunite now that James has re-joined the cast.

‘Speculation is rife that something between them has already gone on – with them both filming together in Ireland.

The source then continued to say:

‘They still mean a lot to each other, that is clear to everyone,’

Could we see these two get back together soon??

Love Island’s Tyla Carr Talks About Her Threesum As She Admits She Has ‘Experimented’

Love Island's Tyla Carr Talks About Her Threesum As She Admits She Has ‘Experimented’

She was kicked out of the Love Island villa at the end of last week but now talking to the press Tyla Carr has been talking about that threesum what she had what was broke in the press a couple of weeks ago.

Tyla said sex is a “big part” of any relationship for her and when she was asked about the sex tape she said:

 “I have experimented from time to time to see what I like and what I don’t like.

Sex is a big part of any relationship – if I’m not sexually attracted to someone then it is never going to work.”

There is a difference to liking sex and filming it isnt there?

What do you think are you glad that Tyla has been demoted from the Island.

Stephanie Davis Claims Jeremy McConnell Is A ‘Drug Addict’ And Gave Her ‘Chlamydia’

Wo it’s really kicking off between them again.

Stephanie Davis has claimed that Jeremy McConnell is a ‘drug addict’ and has given her ‘Chlamydia’.

The pair who have never been shy out of the public interest have had a massive spat as Stephanie has hit out at the Irish model accusing him of lots of things as this comes after photos appeared in the media of Jeremy with black and blue eyes and Stephanie being arrested for assault a number of weeks back.

Stephanie has been keeping her private life private speaking to the Mirror and revealing all what has been going in her turbulent relationship as she confessed that Jeremy suffered from cocaine-induced paranoia, gave her chlamydia and threatened suicide during one of their many fall-outs.

The Mail Online contacted Jeremy’s rep and the replied back saying:

‘Jeremy has been quite open and honest with the fact that he relapsed and Steph has no right to discuss his illness.’

We will keep you posted on the going on’s in this story over the coming days.

Love Islands Olivia Ends Her Relationship With Chris After Hunks Enter The Villa WATCH HERE

Love Islands Olivia Ends Her Relationship With Chris After Hunkys Enter The Villa

Wow we where not expecting this at all.

They where one of the strongest couple sint eh Love Island villa but tonight viewers will see Olivia Attwood end her relationship with Chris Hughes.

In a clip posted by ITV it shows Olivia and Chris having a large row and Liv confess that she doesn’t know if she wants to be in a relationship with the farmer.

The blonde then told Chris that their relationship would not work in ‘real life’ causing Chris to break down in tears.

Oliva said to Chris:

‘You don’t get me, you never will get me.

‘I’m trying to force something that isn’t there, it’s not.’

‘I’m trying make something work that really in real life would not work.’

Chris was very emotional in the scene but we will have to wait until tonight to see what happens next.

Is it the end of Chris and Olivia??

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