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Mariah Carey Admits She Hasn’t Watched Her Reality Show Back

Mariah Carey Admits She Hasn't Watched Her Reality Show Back

She’s let cameras film all of her life but now Mariah Carey has admitted that she hasn’t watched her reality show Mariah’s World back.

Talking during a pre-recorded interview on Lorraine the singer admitted that she has not watched any of it back and really couldn’t care less if anyone doesn’t like the show as she has told them not to watch.

Talking to Ross King She said:

‘I was excited because it’s so interesting to put together a tour and hopefully people are going to enjoy it.’

‘I think it’s nice to see a different side – who cares at this point – if they don’t like it they don’t have to watch it,’ she added.

She continued to say:

‘I should have watched everything but there’s so many things that I was like I can’t watch this right now, there’s a lot of good things,’

Carey also said that she wanted to make the show to also make memories for her children Moroccan and Monroe, who will watch the show back in years to come.

She explained:

‘It’s going to be nice for them, I didn’t want to use too much footage of them but they wanted to be involved and they ask to come on stage,’

We will just have to see when the show airs.

Amanda Holden Jokes About Her ‘Creased Vagina’ On Lorraine

Amanda Holden Jokes About Her ‘Creased Vagina’ On Lorraine

     Amanda Holden isn’t say with what she comes out with but now she has taken it to a whole new level. Amanda yesterday left showbiz guru Ross King speechless as she told him an the thousands of people watching t home that she has a ‘creased vagina’. It was whe Ross was telling Amanda the news about Gwyneth Paltrow reportedly has been letting bees sting her in a bid to keep her skin from…

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Cara Delevingne Sits Her First Televishion Interview For ITV’s Lorraine

Cara Delevingne Sits Her First Televishion Interview For ITV’s Lorraine

Cara Delevingne Sits Her First Televishion Interview For ITV's Lorraine

Cara Delevingne has one of the most reconizable faces in the world but she’s never really been heard.

Now the supermodel has sat her first televishion interivew to talk about the new film she stars in Paper Towns.

Cara sat down with Ross King for ITV’s Lorraine show and admitted that she loves to walk but it makes her angry when she cant becuase of paperazzi as she said:

‘I like to walk around…

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