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Liam Paynes Fans Left Shocked After Pornographic Facebook Posts Appear On His Page

Liam Paynes Fans Left Shocked After Pornographic Facebook Posts Appear On His Page

Fans of Liam Payne have been left shocked today to find pornographic posts being shared on his Facebook page what has a lot of young fans on the page.

It’s now been said that is page was hacked and it wasnt the former One Direction singer sharing the rude links.

The posts include one titled:

“Things that can happen to you when you don’t have sex.”

Another one said:

“10 best positions you didn’t know”

40 minutes later all the rude posts where deleted from his account.

Thank Goodness for that!

Justin Bieber Angers Fans As He Tells Them “They Suck”

He has millions of fans world wide but now it looks like Justin Bieber might be losing some of them!

The singer was photographed and videoed out recently when his fans where told that “they sucked” by the singer.

The Sorry singer, who is currently travelling around Europe on his Purpose World Tour, refused to give some fans the time of day as he visited Norway with his entourage.

In the video uploaded to Instagram you can hear Bieber say:

“You guys suck”

That’s so not good for Bieber!

Just awful especially when people wait hours too see him.

CBeebies Producers Deny Presenter Used The C-Word On Show

Did This CBeebies Presenter Say The C-Word On A Children's Show? Listen HERE!

Earlier we told you about the children’s presenter who sounded like he said the c-word on children’s TV.

Well now the producers of CBeebies has denied that Chris Jarvis said the rude word on the show.

During the segment Chris said:

“Imagine you’re a fluttering kite.”

But it did sound like he said:

“Imagine you’re a fluttering c***”

Since the internet went wild over the clip producers of the show have denied that Chris said the C-word as they said:

“It’s kite everyone, kite!

“We make shows for your little ones so it’s always going to be kite.”

Goodness me we are so glad they clearfed that up.

We must admit it did sound like the rude work.

Have a list to the clip below if you haven’t seen it already.

Holly Willoughby Left Completly Shocked As Danny Dyer Shows Her His Testercle On Celebrity Juice 

   Celebrity Juice isn’t to be watched bythe easily   offended but on Thursday night it was taken to a whole new level! Danny Dyer was on the show this week and during the segment he decided to show Panielist Holly Willoughby his Testercle. Talking in the show Danny said: ‘I got one massive bollock yeh one massive b*****k. It’s a mad thing yeh. It weighs a f****** ton. I’d love to whack it out’…

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