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Celebs Go Dating’s Eden Blackman Defends Rumors That He Has Been Sacked!

Celebs Go Dating's Eden Blackman Accused Of 'Abusing His Position' On Show By Dating Clients

Earlier this morning we told you that Eden Blackman had apparently been sacked from popular TV show Celebs Go Dating after it was revealed that eh alledgaged cheated on his girlfriend.

Now Eden has hit out art them reports on his Twitter account where he said that she hasn’t been sacked.

Writing he said:

“Morning all. Following further over night speculation concerning myself & Celebs Go Dating, I feel it necessary to address this matter and give you the facts,”

“Firstly as I’ve said before, a new series hasn’t yet been commissioned. Meaning currently it doesn’t actually exist… Secondly all 3 agency members are out of contract, as we are hired on a series by series basis. Our contracts ended at the end of series 4 so none of us are still employed by Celebs Go Dating/Lime Pictures or Channel 4.”

He then went on to tweet:

“We are therefore contractually free, which means I cannot be ‘sacked’ as I’m not employed for a role to be sacked from. I don’t have an employer who can sack me! My return to series 5 is something Channel 4 & I have the only decision in, no one else.

“As you can imagine there are multiple combinations to that outcome. As many of you know Celebs Go Dating is not my only ‘job’. I own a successful music PR company & a dating app that take up a huge amount of my time (link below).

“The show isn’t my only source of income so I’m must consider where my time is needed the most. I haven’t made a decision on series 5 and neither have Channel 4, simply because it doesn’t actually exist!”

His last tweet said:

“It needs to be commissioned first before the 3 of us can even begin conversations about our potential role in it. I hope that (again) clears things up for the fans.”

We have to say we really do hope they do film another series.

Is Prue Leith Going To Be Sacked From The Great British Bake Off?

With the news breaking this morning that Prue Leith took to Twitter to announce the winner of The Great British Bake Off 12 hours before the final show aired fans have been asking if the judge on the show will get the sack or not.

Now it’s been said by Bake off itself that she will NOT be sacked as Channel 4 have apparently had a meeting.

Producers of the show have said that Prue’s job is safe and she will be returning next year alongside Paul Hollywood, Sandi Toksvig and Noel Fielding.

An insider has said:

“We can’t be angry with Prue because we love her so much,”

“It’s hard to be cross for something that was just an awful mistake.

“No one’s going to feel worse about it than she does herself. She’s mortified.”

Late on during the day Prue took to social media again and tweeted:

“I am so sorry to the fans for my mistake this morning, I am in a different time zone and mortified by my error.”

Fans ahve been left angered with her announcing the winner before the show.

Katie Price Sacks Her Publicist And Has ‘No Plans’ To Replace To Find New Person

Katie Price Returns To Loose Women After Two Month Break!

There has been mystery tonight as Katie Price has sacked her publicist and has ‘no plans’ on finding another.

With Katie taking time off out of the public eye to work on her marriage to Kieran Hayler it seems she has decided to change other parts in her life as she told the publicist to go.

Source have said that she is not going to replace as a source has said to Reveal:

“She feels offended. She sent a huge basket when the baby came along, but she hasn’t received an invitation to meet the new born. She’s fuming,”

“She’s going around telling everyone that Emily snubbed her and is trying to keep her out of Pete’s life.”

The source then continued to say:

“Katie says that Emily is nice to her face, but deep down, fears that she hates her,

“She wants to start the New Year on a fresh page with Peter.”

We wonder what has been going on here.

Mary Berry Sacks Her Agent After 30 Years!

Dont mess with Mary Berry.

The Great British Bake Off star has decided to sack her agent Fiona Lindsay after it seems something went on between the pair leading to them falling out.

A source has told The Sun:

“Mary has left Fiona after nearly 30 years and it has left a lot of people stunned. No one knows the reasons behind it but it feels quite ruthless.

“It shows that even though she’s at 80 Mary is prepared to make tough decisions that she believes will benefit her career.”

She really is ruthless.

We will keep you posted on this story.

Strictly Come Dancing Viewers Ask For “Annoying” Tess Daly To Be Sacked And To Have Claudia Winkleman As Main Presenter


she’s been on the show for years and years now but it seems the viewers are just getting fed up with Tess Daly.

During Sunday night’s show of Strictly Come Dancing viewers took to their Twitter accounts to ask for Tess to be sacked and for the show to just be presented by Claudia Winkleman.

One person tweeted tonight:

“Claudia Winkleman is ace, but Tess Daly makes me want to dig out my own eye balls with spoons #Strictly.”

Another said:

“Can Tess Daly do any more to annoy me? Oh yes she’s come up trumps with that outfit. At least it detracts from her wooden delivery.#strictly.”

This has came out of the blue because she has mostly always been popular with the viewing public.

Wonder why the tables have changed.

What do you think??

Chloe Ferry To Return To Geordie Shore Just Days After She Was “Sacked”


It seem’s she may have her job back!

As we told you at the start of this week Chloe Ferry was sacked from Geordie Shore by the producers after she kicked off and repeatedly kicked her new co-star Zahida Allen in the head after she was seen holding hands with Chloe’s love interest Marty McKenna.

A source gas reported to The Sun:

“hoping that this will be a lesson to her and make her take her job on Geordie Shore more seriously.”

Chloe was told by the producers to stay away from the filming and cool off before returning.