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Kylie Jenner Has Baby Proofed Her Home

With Kylie Jenner rumored to be expecing a baby rumors have been saying that she has been baby proofing her home.

US Weekly source has said that Kylie and boyfriend Travis Scott have alredy set up a nursary and has booked a midwife.

The source said:

“The nursery is done… She’s a go-getter like her mother [Kris Jenner]. No way she waited long to set that up!”

“Anything sharp has already been taken out.”


Kendall Jenner Has Upped Her Security As She As Is In Paris Following Kim Kardashian’s Attack

Kendall Jenner Has Upped Her Security As She As Is In Paris Following Kim Kardashian's Attack

with Kim Kardashian being attacked in Paris back in October Kendall Jenner is taking no risks on security as she is currently in Paris.

The model who is at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show this week has managed to get her hands on some more bodyguards that normal to make sure that she is safe in Paris and to make sure that the same thing doesn’t happen to her like it did to her sister.

A source has said to Page Six that her security her been “sky high,” and she brought her own security with her and she “wanted nothing to do with anyone” except her glam team and bestie Gigi Hadid.

The source said:

“She had a special handler the whole time when other girls didn’t. She arrived at the after-party with private security, even though the police were there.”

Apparently Kendall has been “wouldn’t do press interviews and was actually hiding at one point” because it seems she was so worried:

“One reporter asked her a question and she literally ignored her. She just kept looking at pictures of herself on her phone.”

She really has been worried about being in Paris it seems or she never wanted to answer questions.

Kendall Jenner’s Trespasser Is Set Free From Prison

Kendall Jenner's Trespasser Is Set Free From Prison

Not good news for Kendall Jenner.

If you remember back to October Shavaughn McKenzie was found guilty of trespassing after he followed Jenner onto her property in the Hollywood Hills.

He was never found guilty of stalking sadly but it was on Thursday when he was appearing in court where he was sentenced to prison instead of probation.

Since his arrest in August he has been behind bars what means he has already served his time.

During the court hearing the mother of Shavaughn promised to fly her son home to Virginia to get psychiatric help.

Kendall was also given a five-year restraining order against him.

Let’s hope he doesn’t break that.

More Information On Kim Kardashian’s New Security Relesed

Kim Kardashian To Have 'Intimate Birthday Bash' As She Still Recovers From Paris Attack

As we have been telling you about Kim Kardashian’s security team have been up in the air for a few week’s since the Pairs robbery but now it seem’s Kim may have sorted out some more permanent replacements.

If you look back Kim sacked her longtime bodyguard Pascal Duvier but now it seem’s she has been putting everything in place to keep her safe.

An insider has said:

“A team of security experts goes through her day-to-day life to assess potential threats and vulnerabilities.”

“She’s taking a driver and using all different cars to throw off people tracking her.”

Then a source has said that Kim nearly spend a month indoors after the attack because she was so scared to leave her house:

“Kim spent almost a month completely indoors. For someone to go from a busy life to canceling everything, that’s a huge change.”

She must have been going insane.

Glad that she is getting her security sorted out.

Kim Kardashian’s Bodyguard Pascal Duvier ‘Will Be Very Hurt’ After Him Being Sacked!

Kim Kardashian's Bodyguard Pascal Duvier Announced Bankrupt This Summer Over $1 Million Debt!

Kim Kardashian’s bodyguard Pascal Duvier has been axed as her bodyguard but now it seem’s it wasn’t “personal”.

The Mailonline have spoken to Pascal’s mom Barbe Duvier about the news and she had this to say:

“I always thought they had a very good relationship, that is what he always led me to believe. If this is true he will be very hurt. I don’t know why she would have taken such a step. I am shocked to hear it.”

It’s not like he was doing nothing while the Paris attack was going on because he was protecting Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall Jenner as they attended a nightclub appearance.

What do you think was it ok for him to lose his job?

Kris Jenner Gives An Update On How Kim Kardashian Is Doing Following The Pairs Robbery

Kris Jenner Gives An Update On How Kim Kardashian Is Doing Following The Pairs Robbery

One minute she’s doing ok the next she’s not but now it’s been said out of the horses mouth as Kim Kardashian’s mum Kris Jenner has spoken about how her daughter is following the Paris attack.

Kris was talking to E! about Khloe Kardashian’s denim line launch on Tuesday when it wasn’t long until the conversation turned to Kimmy.

Talking to Catt Sadler at the Good American fashion show Jenner admitted:

“It’s a process. One day at a time. It’s a process.”

Kim is simply focusing on her children at the moment and they really will take her mind of the trama from the attack.

We hope she feels better soon.

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