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Ant McPartlin To Feature On Saturday Night Takeaway This Weekend As ITV Will Air Pre Recorded Scenes

Ant McPartlin will feature on this Saturday episode of Saturday Night Takeaway.

ITV have said that they are going to air pre-recorded scenes what where filmed before Ant checked himself into rehab after being arrested and charged with drinking under the influence.

A insider of the show has said to The Sun:

 “There’s been some discussion about whether the whole of the series should be ditched because Ant features heavily.

“But after a lot of soul searching it was decided that the final two episodes should run because viewers have loved the series and want to find out the conclusion in the final two episodes.
“Obviously it means Ant will still be on the show in some form.

Then the insider continued to talk about how they are going to talk about Ant on the show:

“At the moment talks are taking place about exactly how his situation in regards to the drink driving charge and rehab will be addressed.”

The production company are having conversations about how to address the charge Saturday night.

Cat Deeley To Return To Saturday Night Takeaway With Dec Donnelly

With the news that Dec Donnelly is going to be hosting Saturday Night Takeaway by himself it’s been rumored that Cat Deeley might be helping him host the show by himself.

A source has told the Daily Star:

“Cat can bring the feel good nostalgia that producers desperately need right now.

“She had brilliant on-screen chemistry with Ant and Dec for more than five years and would fit in perfectly.”

It’s not been confirmed if Cat will be on the show but it sure is looking that was as she went down a treat when she appeared on the last show of the series filmed live in Florida last year.

Hugs And Tears! Just What Happens When Dec Donnelly Meet Up With Ant McPartlin After His Car Crash?

Hugs And Tears! Just What Happens When Dec Donnelly Meet Up With Ant McPartlin After His Car Crash?

With Ant McPartlin checking himself into rehab where he will receive treatment to get over his alcohol problem it’s not been said what just happened when his co-presenter and best friend Dec Donnelly meet up with him after the crash on Sunday.

The reunion with Dec involved lots of “hugs and reassurances” after they meet up to talk about what would happen with the last two episodes of Saturday Night Takeaway.

A TV source has said:

“Ant and Dec spoke on the phone but hadn’t seen each other since the car accident, so it was a very emotional meeting.

“Dec gave Ant lots of hugs and reassurances that things would be OK. They both have a lot of hard work ahead now.”

It must be so hard for Dec at the moment lets hope they both will be ok.

Lorraine Kelly Thinks Dec Donnelly Could Be The Next Bruce Forsyth As He Presents Alone

With the news breaking yesterday that Dec Donnelly will present the last couple of Saturday Night Takeaway shows in the series by himself while his co-presenter Ant McPartlin heads to rehab.

Now Lorraine Kelly has been talking about the situation and said that she feels Dec might b e the next Bruce Forsyth with presenting solo.

Kelly said:

“You know, we were talking about this yesterday and and I said ‘well why not?’

“He could go on – nobody knows what’s going to happen because it’s going to take Ant as long as it takes him to get better and hopefully he will.

“But Dec’s a good presenter, I mean he could end up being the Bruce Forsyth of this world, who knows?”


Declan Donnelly Will Host Last Two Saturday Night Takeaway Shows By Himself Without Ant McPartlin!

Today Declan Donnelly has confirmed that he will host the last two shows of Saturday Night Takeaway by himself.

This Saturday’s show has still been canceled but the last two in the series will air and the Florida final will also go ahead.

In a statement published by Dec himself he said:

‘Whilst I never thought I’d be in this position, after much discussion and careful consideration we’ve decided that the remaining two shows of this series of Saturday Night Takeaway will go ahead.
We made a promise to take hundreds of deserving winners to Florida to watch the series finale, and we will honour that.
Everyone at ITV and the Takeaway team feels we owe it to the audience to complete the series.
Dec x’

More news to come…

Declan Donnelly Will NOT Present Satrday Night Takeaway Without Ant McPartlin!

Ant McPartlin Heard Giving Dig At Joe Swash During Live Link

Over the last couple of days people have been working if Declan Donnelly will present the last two Saturday Night Takeaway shows without his co-presenter and best friend Ant McPartlin but it’s been revealed that he will not present the show’s without Ant.

Dec has declared that he will not take to the stage on the hugely popular ITV show without Ant as it was said during their 2010 autobiography that they have both vowed to never present a show without the other.

Ant wrote in the book named Ohh What A Lovely Pair :

 “neither one of us would ever be on our own out there.”

To what Dec also said:

 “We’ve been incredibly fortunate to have enjoyed such a remarkable time.

“Some people might not understand it, but our friendship is a massive, massive part of where we are today.”