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Liam Payne Has Got A Mirror Above His Bed!


Liam Payne has reviled that he has a mirror above his wife as he posed fora new Instagram snap with his top off while he was in the reflection.

Liam who’s currently in New York doing promo work didn’t seem to be missing his girlfriend Cheryl while he posed for the photo.

We wonder how she feels about the mirror ceiling??

Megan McKenna Slams Internet Trolls Who Hit Out At Her Appearance

Megan McKenna Slams Internet Trolls Who Hit Out At Her Appearance

She was forced to leave the NTAS early on Tuesday night to pay a trip to the hospital after falling ill but now Megan McKenna has hit out at internet trolls on social media who have criticized her looks.

In one of her latest Instagram post Megan shared a photo of herself tucking int her dinner with her hair up in a bun and she’s making a face with her lips and it has came under cristasium by her followers.

One of her followers commented:

‘Lips look silly’; ‘What ya done to ya lips’; ‘

While another said:

‘What’s with the silly pout whilst eating????’; ‘Need a good wash’.

Seeing all the awful comments on the photo Megan decided to reply back as she commented:

“Why’s everyone so f***ing bothered about my hair or my lips or me pouting???

‘Why follow me if you hate the way that I am? I never comment back about this stuff anymore but F*** ME IT’S A JOKE.

‘Ain’t you trolls got anything better to do than pick on a young girl who’s posting about FOOD???

‘I’m not wearing any makeup and clearly have scruffed my hair up. If I had a full face of make-up on the trolls would be slagging me off saying I’m too dolled up for lunch! If I wanna pout I’ll pout. Like most of us girls do.’ (sic)

She then continued:

‘Now press the unfollow button if you got something nasty to say. What happened to making us girls feel good about each other.’

We have to say we aree with her.

Just unfollow not slate.

Amber Davies Admits She Would NEVER Take Drugs After A Selfie With What Looks Like ‘White Powder’ Gets Deleted

Amber Davies has told her fans that she would NEVER Take drugs after she has been accused of taking cocain after a selfie was shared on Instagram and then deleted of what looks like white powder on the dressing table.

Now Amber has said that she is ‘completely naive’ to what was on the table before her and told fans that she would never touch drugs.

In a statement sent to he Mailonline Amber said:

‘There have been a lot of stories around this afternoon and I just want to set the record straight.

‘Last night I went back to someone else’s hotel room with a dozen other people and took a selfie in front of a mirror.

‘I was completely naive to what was lying on the table in front of me. I don’t know for sure what it was, but I do know what it looks like, and I am devastated.’

She then continued to say:

‘I have never and would never take drugs, or knowingly be around people who do. That is not who I am.

‘I’m fully aware that my supporters look up to me, and the last thing I want is for people to think this is the type of thing I’d do.’

Glad she cleared things up.

Amber Davies Takes Selfie With ‘White Powder’ On Dressing Table Then Deletes Snap!

What are them on the table Amber Davies???

Amber has caused some controversy with her recent selfie after she posed in the mirror with ‘white powder’ a credit card and rolled up paper and fans have been questioning what the items are.

The photo was taken before the National Television Awards on tuesday night and then qs quickly deleted but not before a fan managed to screenshot the snap.

Eyebrows started raising after a few fan s saw the photo before it was deleted and they have wondered what exactly that white powder was on her dressing table in her hotel room.

Kris Jenner Looks The Same As Daughter Kim Kardashian In New Selfie

Kim Kardashian has taken to her Instagram account where she shared a recent selfie of herself with her mum Kris Jenner and it is unbelievable just how much Kris looks like Kim;.

The pair posed for the Instagram post and you cant tell them both apart as Kris still has her newly bleached locks.

Kim shared the photo on Monday afternoon and fans just couldn’t believe how much they look alike.

Frankie Bridge Shows Off Her MASSIVE Engagement Ring In New Selfie

They have been married since 2014 but on Saturday Frankie Bridge flashed her massive engagement ring what hubby Wayne Bridge brought her in a new Instagram selfie.

In the photo Frankie had a filter with bunny ears on herself as she held her coffee mug up to her lips fans noticed just how big her engagement ring is.

The ring is a whopping 3 carats and is estimated to have caused a whopping £40,000.

Such a beauty of a ring.