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Liam Payne Puts His £9.8 Million Mansion Up For Sale As Breakups Rumors From Cheryl Are Released

Liam Payne Admits That He Misses Cheryl As He Shares Selfie Of Them Having A Face Mask

Last week rumors were flying around saying that Liam Payne and Cheryl were ‘breaking up’ but then ‘put a brave face on’ at the Brit Awards last wednesday.

Now another week has brought more rumors as Liam has put his £9.8 million pound mansion up for sale what he owned in Los Angeles.

The sunning five bedroom is located in the luxurious Calabasas region what has its own spa and vineyard and it’s where Cheryl spent most of her pregnancy at.

Liam purchased the home back in 2015 and payed £8 million.

Whether it’s just timing or their relationship is actually over i’m sure we will find out in the near future.

New Five Pound Note Is Selling For More Than £200 On eBay!

New Five Pound Note Is Selling For More Than £200 On eBay!

It was on Tuesday of last week that the new five pound note was released in the UK and it’s going down a storm on eBay.

The new plastic fiver is rare at the moment until it is circulated into the system so getting your hand son out out of the hole in the wall or getting it as change would be rare!

Since it’s release people have been selling the note on eBay and it’s been selling for a whoppin £200 pound and people have been buying it!

We personally wouldn’t buy a £5 note for that much but there is clearly people out there that have too much money.

Would you buy one??