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Sharon Osbourne Admits Ozzy Proposed With A H Samuels Engagement Ring

They may have million of pounds in the bank but it seems high street jewellers are fine for Ozzy Osbourne.

Sharon Osbourne admitted on Loose Women on Monday afternoon that Ozzy got down on one knee and proposed to her with a ring from H Samuals.

Talking on the topic show Sharon said:

“He went to A Samuels at High Wycombe and brought a ring because he doesn’t know about stuff like that then brought it home and got down on one knee’

She continued:

‘He brought me a wedding ring not an engagement ring what i still wear on a chain around my neck.’

Sharon now has a beautiful £200,000 engagement ring what is ten carat and was made by Tiffany’s.

Sharon Osbourne Says F World Live On TV After She Loses Two Acts

Viewers to the X Factor have been left shocked after Sharon Osbourne dropped an F Bomb after two of her acts got voted out of the competition on Sunday evening.

The minute the results where annouced the camera panned to Sharon but we bet they wish they hadn’t after she muttered the f world after she heard the results.

Twitter erupted after the clip was shown as they just couldnt believe that she had said the word on live television.

We have to say we agree as it was a bit of a shock.

Alesha Dixon Stands In For Simon Cowell As He Still Too Unwell For X Factor Results Show

With Simon Cowell still being unwell he wasnt no wear to be seen at the X Factor results show on Sunday night.

On Saturday night the producers decided to just have three judges Nicole Scherzinger, Sharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh but they decided for Sunday’s show they needed another judge so to replace Simon then had Alesha Dixon.

Alicia who’s the judge on Britain’s Got Talent fitted in well sanding in for Simon and we have to say Simon should be worried as she was great.

At the start of the show host Dermot O’Leary said:

‘Sadly Simon is still not well enough to be here’

before introducing Alesha and saying:

‘how many hours notice did you get?’

To what she replied back with:

About five! I was chilling out on the couch with my daughter and I got the call.

Bless her Alesha to the rescue.

Sharon Osbourne Blames X Factor Low Ratings Due To Kids Being On Their Computers All Night

This years ratings for X Factor have been shocking and now judge Sharon Osbourne thinks she know’s why the ratings are low.

Osbourne was appearing on The One Show and she was quizzed by by Ore Oduba and Alex Jones causing her to say her feelings.

Shazza said that she thinks the rating falls was down to times changing as she said:

“The thing is, it’s not just that – it’s up against a great show.

“But things have changed.

“Younger kids are on their computers all day and night. Times move on and times change.”

Then talking about how they can improve the show and boost the ratings osborne said:

 “We have a great audience. There is always competition but it means you work harder.”

We personally think people are watching other programs on other channels what air at the same time.

Sharon Osbourne Left Heartbroken After Husband Ozzy Caught Texting His Ex Mistress Again

Ozzy Osbourne Surprises Wife Sharon With Flowers For Her Birthday On The Talk!

They seemed to be on a very good path at the moment but now it seems all that has came crashing down as Ozzy Osbourne has been caught texting his ex mistress Michelle Pugh again what nearly split up his marriage the first time to Sharon Osbourne.

It was back in 2016 when Sharon found out about Ozzy’s infidelities and it was a very tough time for the former X Factor judge but they seemed to be back on track with their marriage but now he’s been at it again.

A source has told The Sun:

‘The word is [Ozzy] has been going to visit Michelle while Sharon has been at work!’
‘Sharon is in bits and has gone into lockdown. Some who know her think their marriage is in crisis.’

This has came at the worse time because Sharon has only just came out of hospital after she has been recovering from an operation.

X Factor Viewers Accuse Nicole Scherzinger Of Being Drunk During Final

On Sunday night it was the X Factor final and judge Nicole Scherzinger has been accused of being drunk during the live show held at Wembley arena.

It was the night that was all about winner Matt Terry who was voted winner by the viewing public but it wasn’t Matt who got people talking.

the former Pussycat Doll stumbled over her mermaid gown while walking out on to the massive stage and thankfully fellow judges Simon Cowell, Sharon Osbourne, and Louis Walsh where there to catch her before she went over.

Viewers noticed that Nicole’s speech was not the best too as one person took to their Twitter account:

Watching X Factor on a delay but is Nicole smashed?I wish they didn’t get so drunk as children watch #xfactor @TheXFactor

Another said:

Nicole Scherzinger is drunk  Someone get her a coffee quick!

She didnt seem her best but she always is crazy on that show!