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EastEnders’ June Brown Talks About ‘Getting High’ On Marijuana On 100 Years Younger

June Brown is no stranger to smoking cigarettes but now the actress has admitted that she has taken marijuana and confessed that it helped her with lots of medical problems.

June who plays Dot Cotton on the long running soap confessed that she had smoken the drug to Shaun Ryder on 100 Years Younger.

She said:

“I tried marijuana,””It had the most incredible effect on me. I didn’t like the sound of Indian music, that jingle jangle.

“But I could hear every note of every instrument. And I felt incredibly serene. Never got addicted to it, though. The only thing I’m addicted to is cigarettes.”

Viewers loved tonights episode and just couldnt beleive that Dot Cotton had been smoking weed.

Former I’m A Celeb Star Shaun Ryder Says The Show Is “Fixed”

Former I'm A Celeb Star Shaun Ryder Says The Show Is "Fixed"

Shaun Ryder came second in the 2010 series of I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here losing to Stacey Solomon but now Shaun has said that he believes the show is ‘rigged’.

Talking recently to Nottingham Post, he said about Stacey winning the show:

“As far as I am concerned the game was rigged. I really do mean that. I was in a band and Stacey had a career.

“Basically it was all mapped out for her to become a TV host which she then decided that she didn’t want to do.

He continued:

“She decided that she wanted to do music and I am sure that if she was ever going to do music then Simon Cowell would have made sure that she did it. From day one I pretty much knew that Stacey was going to win that.”

The singer then described his time in the jungle as a ‘piece of p*ss’ as he continued to say:

“I didn’t want to go and I was kicking and screaming not to do it. It was the record company, my girls and the missus that wanted me to do that. But I am glad that I did it. It has led to a lot of good things,”

“I find it funny when people say that it was really hard. Life is much harder than that. You are starved of a bit of food, you go on a few walks and you have to eat a few bugs. It’s a piece of p*ss.”

Humm that is very interesting.