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M&S Chrstmas Advert Has Aired And Has Paddington Bear In It WATCH HERE!

It’s just soooo cute.

With it being in November all the Christmas TV ads are starting and today saw the first show of Mark’s and Spencers add and we have to say it’s super cute.

The add features Paddington Bear dressed in his normal red hat with blue coat on and of course he is eating his favorite marmalade.

the add was first shown on Tuesday morning and features paddington waking up in the middle of the night to find a man dressed in red on his roof but sadly it wasn’t santa but it was a burglar who was stealing the presents from under the tree.

Paddington then talks the burglar round to returning all the presents where they belong.

The 90 second ad is blow for you to all enjoy.

Make sure you tell us what you think.

Woolworths To Return To The High Street!

Woolworths To Return To The High Street!

It was the high street store what sold anything and everything and then in 2008 it was closed due to the recession but now Woolworths might be making a come back to the UK high street.

Former store director Tony Page has approached Shop Direct to buy the name back and bring back the much loved store.

He has said that he would bring back Woolies n a “similar format” but would place stores more at the “heart of the communities” rather than major shopping centres.

He said:

“I am still emotionally attached to it,”

“I still think it has got a role in the future.

“I have contacted Shop Direct and said ‘you’re not using the brand anymore, would you consider giving it to someone who would?'”

The shop closed due to being £400 million of debts forcing it’s 800 plus stores to close down in 2008 and the high street has never been the same again.

Lets hope that it makes it’s return soon.

Kylie Jenner Opens Her Pop Up Shop And It Features A Wall Of Lip Kits!

Today has been a big day for Kylie Jenner as she opened her pop up shop in at the Topanga Westfield mall in Los Angeles on Friday.

Some of her fans started queuing at 4AM in the morning to get a glimpse of the reality star and screamed like mad when she arrived at the store with her mum Kris Jenner.

The shop looks beautiful and features a wall with thousands of thousands of lip kits on the wall in colour order.

It also had screens playing videos of Kylie all over her boyfriend Tyga playing on a loop though the shop.

Have a look at some of the photos from her opening day.

Lady Gaga Puts Her CD’s In Front Of Other Artists During Cheeky Snapchat Video

Lady Gaga Puts Her CD's In Front Of Other Artists During Cheeky Snapchat Video

She’s just so naughty!

Lady Gaga’s new album Joanne was released on Friday and it seem’s the singer want’s to sell as many copies as possible she Gaga came up with a funny way to sell the records.

Gaga went to her local store where she placed her CD’s on the top of other artists CD during a funny snapchat video.

The hitmaker went to the shop wearing a black hat while she put her finger to her lips to ask her people to keep what she was doing hush hush lol.

Very funny Gaga.