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Eamonn Holmes Admits He Has A Hearing Aid After Aparently Going Through ‘Manopause’

Eamonn Holmes has admitted that his health has declined causing him to need a hearing aid after going through the ‘manopause’.

The broadcaster has said:

‘Of course there is a manopause. There is a natural decline. And I’m not a superhuman. But I have a positivity, a lust for life. I don’t feel that I want to slow up.’

In 2016 Eamonn had to have a double hip replacement and it was then when he discovered that he had lost around 30% of his hearing and he had to wear a hearing air when he was presenting on Sky News.

He continued to say:

‘I was reassured that it was nothing abnormal, but it’s a lot to cope with,’ he said.

‘No one warns you that your hearing is going to go down from 50. Learning a third of your hearing has gone is not the best birthday present.’

Holmes also said that he gets ‘frustrated’ and ‘liberated’ by it.

Sky News Presenter Kay Burley Calls New Royal Baby ‘A Porker’ After Learning That He Weighs 8lb 7oz

Sky News presenter Kay Burley has caused anger after she decided to call the royle baby ‘a porker’ after finding out that he weight 8lb 7oz.

Kay was live on Sky News presenting from outside St Mary’s hospital in London when she shouted out that she thought the baby was a ‘porker’.

Sky News’ royal correspondent Rhiannon Mills broke the news that the baby had been born and that it was a boy causing Kay to step in and say:

 ‘It’s another porker, again!’.

One person watching the show decided to tweet as they just coulnt believe their ears as they said:

‘Did I hear that right Kay burley just call the the arrival of the prince as ‘another little porker’.’

We have to say it was a bit shocking.

Gemma Collins Asks For Compensation From ‘Dictionary’ Makers Over The Meaning Of The Words Essex Girls


Someone just wants money all the time.

Today Gemma Collins appeared on Sky New’s to talk about how she want’s compensation over the meaning behind the word “essex girl” in the dictionary.

In the dictionary essex girls describe ‘unintelligent, promiscuous and materialistic’ women.

Speaking to Kay Burley, she insisted:

‘We should be like promoting the dictionary anyway because it is like a massive, historical, British thing.’

Then Gemma said that she think’s every essex girl should get compensation over the usage of the word as she continued to say:

‘Personally I think the dictionary should be paying everyone in Essex some compensation,’

‘We have definitely evolved over the years as Essex women.

‘We can all take a laugh and a joke at ourselves Kay, you know we’re up for the banter, but it is very, very derogatory what has been said about us and it does need to be changed.’

Obversely Gemma know’s that Oxford are not going to pay nothing at all but it would be a nice thought.

Eamonn Holmes Surprises Twitter Followers With Handsome Throwback Snap

Eamonn Holmes Surprises Twitter Followers With Handsome Throwback Snap

He recently stopped presenting morning new on Sky News but now Eamonn Holmes has shared a very handsome throwback snap

The TV presenter share the photo of him take a few years back showing off his stubble and wavy hair.

Along with the photo Holmes said:

“It’s amazing that with just 3 days lie in from Breakfast Telly I am beginning to see a difference in my looks,”

Fans started to tweet Eamonn and tell him about how handsome he is in the snap.

He does look great bless him.

Make sure you check out the photo below.


Eamonn Holmes Gets Cut Off Mid Speech As He Leaves Sky News After 11 Years!

Eamonn Holmes Gets Cut Off Mid Speech As He Leaves Sky News After 11 Years!

He’s been presenting the early morning headlines on Sky News for 11 years now but today it was the final bulletin for Eamonn Holmes.

Eamonn bid farewell to his Sunrise show and made a speech at the end of his section but was cut off mid speech.

Holmes was hugged left right and center by co-stars Nazaneen Ghaffar, Isabel Webster and Jacquie Beltrao in the final moments but the broadcast.

Eamonn thanked the girls for ‘putting up with him’ for such a long time before he bidded good bye.

He said:

“Thank you very much indeed for putting up with me in all that time.

“In 11 years, I have had to report on some awful news, but I’ve also had to report on some really fantastic news as well, some really uplifting news and we should have more of that.

“But, the main thing is, it’s not important who presents the news, the news is the important thing.”

He will be very much missed but don’t worry because Eamonn is still going to be hosting ITV’s This Morning every friday with his wife Ruth Langsford.

Bye Eamonn.

Eamonn Holmes Shares Sweet Message Ahead Of His Double Hip Replacement Surgary

Eamonn Holmes Shares Sweet Message Ahead Of His Double Hip Replacement Surgary

Today is the day that is going to change Eamonn Holmes‘ Life. The TV presenter is having a doubble hip replacement today and decided to share a lovely quote before the big day. Last night taking to his Instagram account the Sky News reader said: “My future part is happening tomorrow morning. These new Hips better be worth it.” Eamonn previously revealed he was worried about having the double hip…

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