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EastEnders star Molly Conlin Says She Has Been ‘Held At KNIFEPOINT In Awful Home Raid As Men Break In While She Was Home Alone’

Eastenders star Molly Conlin’s has been held at knifepoint while she was in the house by herself as four men entered her house she shares with her family in Witham, Essex.

Molly has taken to her Twitter account to tell her followers the awful

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Emmerdale Gives Behind-The-Scenes Glimpse Of How They Are Filming In Lockdown

Emmerdale was one of the first soaps to go back to work after over two months off during the coronavirus lockdown.

Well now fans of the show where given a behind look at how they continue to film safely while we are still in lockdown.

On Friday’s

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Stephanie Davis QUIT’s Hollyoaks After 10 Years Playing Sinead O’Connor On The Soap

Stephanie Davis has quit her role on Hollyoaks after 10 years on the soap as Sinead O’Connor.

The actress announced on Monday night that she will be leaving the soap as she feels it’s ‘not on what she wanted but what she knew

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EastEnders Is Set To Return With 20-Minute Episodes Four Days A Week As Filming Starts Again At The End Of The Month

Eastenders is set to return with 20-minute episodes, four days a week as filming doesn’t start again until the end of the month after three months off due to coronavirus lockdown.

The episodes are seriously running low now and are set to

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EastEnders ‘Will’ Go Off Air In TWO WEEKS As Cast And Crew Have NOT Returned To Filming Due To COVID-19 Lockdown

Eastenders will ‘go off air in two weeks’ due to filming being halted due to the coronavirus lockdown according to sources.

The soap has been limiting their episodes weekly to just two to try and keep it on air for as long as possible

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