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Meghan Markle Deletes All Social Media Accounts

With Meghan Markle marrying into the royle family she has decided to delete all of her social media accounts.

Meghan who had a Facebook, Twitter and Insatgram account have all been taken down as the royal members are not allowed social media accounts.

The accounts where all taken down on Tuesday afternoon just four months before Meghan marrys Prince Harry.

Holly Willoughby Shocks Fans With Massive Weight Loss In New Instagram Snap

Holly Willoughby Shocks Fans With Massive Weight Loss In New Instagram Snap

For the last few months viewers to This Morning have been talking about just how much weight Holly Willoughby is losing but now she has shocked her Instagram followers again as she has posed showing off even more weight loss.

The presenter has shared a photo of herself and daughter Belle’s shadows as they gazed at one and other and it really does show how much weight she has lost.

Fans started to comment on the photo as one asked ‘Where have you gone!!’ when another said “you’re so thin now”.

She really does look fantastic and we personally think she needs to share her secrets.

Love Island’s Jonny Has Deleted All Social Media!

What is going on??

Last night we saw Johnny Mitchell be kicked out of the Love Island villa but now the story has changed as all of his social media has been deleted in the last few hours.

His Instagram, Facebook and Twitter have all been taken down as this comes after his “millionaire” lifestyle was found out to be fake as friends confirmed to sources.

When you go on his official Instagram the page reads:

‘The link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed. Go back to Instagram,’

Most people when they come off reality shows love using their Instagram and other social networking sites for advertising but clearly not Johnny.

Katie Price Causes Concern With Instagram Image Of Daughter Bunny With Ill-Fitting Seatbelt

Katie Price Causes Concern With Instagram Image Of Daughter Bunny With Ill-Fitting Seatbelt

Katie Price has caused uproar on social media platforms by sharing a photo of her daughter Bunny sitting in the car with an ill-fitting seat belt on.

The former glamour model shared the snap on Mon day afternoon and fans were quick to notice that the belt around Bunny wasn’t fitter properly.

Its’ not been said yet if the car was moving or not but none the less the belt still wasn’t fitted correctly.

One person comment on her photo and said:

‘Can call people seat belt police and key board warriors all you want, the fact is that seat is not safe! It’s laziness of a parent not to correct it as well takes two seconds.’

When you look down the commerson the photo it’s hard to see any positive comments.

Stephanie Davis Has Gone Into Hiding!

She getting closer and closer to her due date but now it seems Stephanie Davis has gone into hiding as she  been seen or been on social media since and it has caused fans to ask about her wear abouts.

Fans have been  questioning if she has given birth and that why she has not been in public as her last tweet was boxing day what is unusual for her.

Stephanie is due to give birth in January but the question is has she already gone into labour.

Her last tweet was:

Gone from eating pigs in blankets..To becoming a pig in a blanket

Sweet dreams,love Steph & baby boy

Lightening bolts continue,ouch

We wonder what is going on with her.

We will keep you posted.

Stephanie Davis Gets Trolled Over Voicemail Just Weeks Before Her Due Date

Stephanie Davis has battled trolls over social media but now they have been leaving nasty messages on her voicemail just weeks before she is due to give birth to her first child.

Hitting out at the trolls on Twitter she tweeted:

“Catching up on some voicemails from last month. I really don’t get some people. SORRY then VILE.. Baffling,”

Replying to her tweet one of her followers said:

“Could this be about a certain person? Your both better off without that toxic excuse of human in your lives,”

Another said:

“Let me guess, a certain person jealous of how successful you are, don’t let them get to you, there behind you for a reason,”

There is no evidence at all that it was Jeremy leaving the messages on her phone.

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