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Just Where Is Love Island Filmed?

With the most popular reality show of the UK returning on Monday night here is all the lowdown on the Love Island villa.

Just where is the Love Island Villa?

The villa is in Majorca, a Balearic island and is in a place called Sant Llorenç des Cardassar, and has a population of 8,600 people.

It’s not a place where many tourist go for their holidays so it’s perfect for them filming.

Can you stay in the Love Island villa for you’re holidays?

Yes you can..

The converted farmhouse is available for you to book but that’s if you can spend a whopping £3,000 a week on the villa.

Would you like to stay in the villa?

Love Island Girls Spotted Out Of Villa Having Nails And Hair Done

Love Island girls are allowed to pop out of the villa and get their nails and hair done despite viewers being told that they have to say in the villa all day and are only allowed out to do tasks.

The girls including Tyla, Amber, Gabby, Montana and Olivia where all photo graphed waking the streets in a location in Spain to go to a local hair and beauty salon.

This comes after people noticed that Camillas eyelashes looked a lot different from the start of the series to the middle and they where questioning if she had had them done or not.

Viewers have said before that there is no way that them girls do their hair and makeup themselves and now it’s looking like they don’t.

Former Love Island contestant from series 2 Kady McDermott said that they only have their hair and makeup don’t by a professional for the final show of the series but now it’s looking like these girls are having it fine all the time.

Scarlett Moffatt Admits She Watched A Couple Have Sex In Magaluf

Scarlett Moffatt Admits She Watched A Couple Have Sex In Magaluf

Scarlett Moffatt has admitted that while hs was on holiday in Magaluf she watched a couple have sex in front of them during a night out on the strip in the party destination.

Talking about working in spain during the summer at a party resort, the Queen of the Jungle admitted she’d seen enough sights to make most people want to swill out their brain with bleach.

Talking to the Daily Star she said:

“If you think sucking off 24 men in one go is bad, you won’t believe the things I’ve seen,”

“Once I watched a random guy bend a girl over at one of the infamous foam parties. From there it turned into soft porn and she never once turned around to even see what the guy’s face looked like.”

Scarlett was just paid £50 a night  to pour drinks down party gowers throats.

Justin Bieber Punches Fan In The Face Causing Bleeding!!


Not good at all.

Justin Bieber has decided to hit out at a male fan as he punched him in the face causing bleeding.

It was on Tuesday when Bieber was on the way to his next Purpose World Tour when he was cruising through the streets of Spain, and passed a big group of fans.

The car was going so slow that one of the fans could run along the side of the car and he was able to put his hand into the car while it was going along to get his hands on the singer.

Justin then punched him squared straight in the face.

Videos have now appeared online of the fan bleeding from his face.

This is not good at all.

Cilla Black Had A Fall At Friends House Just Days Before Her Death

Cilla Black Had A Fall At Friends House Just Days Before Her Death

A Autopsy Report has said that Cilla Black had had a fall just days before her death at a friends house.
Cilla who died from falling over and having a stroke was said to have not been good on her feet just days before her death.
It seems she wasntr very good on her feet recently.
Sill cant get over her death.
So sad.

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Cilla Black Could Have Lived If She Would Have Fallen Inside

Cilla Black Could Have Lived If She Would Have Fallen Inside

A spanish paper has said that Cilla Black might have lived if she would have fallen inside and not outside of her room. As we told you yesterday Black was sunbathing at her villa near Marbella when she fell and hit her head, knocking her unconscious. The papper has said that she died from hypothermia and makes no mention of the storke that her family annouced caused her death. We will have to see…

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