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Loose Women Andrea Mclean Nearly Pops Out Of Wedding Dress In New Snap

Loose Women Andrea Mclean Nearly Pops Out Of Wedding Dress In New Snap

Andrea Mclean nearly gave her wedding guests an eyeful on Thursday after she bent down to look at her cake and her boobs nearly fell out of her beautiful dress.

The Loose Women presenter looked fantastic as she married her partner of four years Nick but the dress was a little low as you can see in the photo above.

On the ITV show on Friday they showed a clip of her wedding as Nadia Swalah said about the big day:

“Andrea tied the knot with Nick

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Stacey Solomon Flashes Under Arm And Leg Hair As She Quits Shaving For November

Stacey Solomon Flashes Under Arm And Leg Hair As She Quits Shaving For November

Stacey Solomon admitted a few weeks ago that she was giving up shaving her body hair for the month of November but on today’s episode of Loose Women Stacey showed off her new body hair.

Stacey flashed her under arm hair and her leg hair on the show after a month of not shaving.

It wasnt just Stacey who decided to throw the razors away for November as Linda Robson and Nadia Sawalha did too.

Linda and Nadia confessed that they hadn’t

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Loose Women Studio Lights Go Out During Live Broadcast

During the live broadcast of Loose Women on Thursday afternoon all the lights went down in the studio.

The presenters including Kate Garraway, Stacey Solomon, Ayda Fielding and Jane Moore seemed shocked when the lights went out as Kate shouted out that someone needed to put money in the meter.

The audience cheered when the lights came back on and the show went back to normal.

The love of live tv lol.

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Gemma Collins To Switch Freeport Chrstmas Lights TONIGHT!

Tonight Gemma Collins fans are going to be out in force at Freeport Braintree as the reality star is going to be switching the christmas lights on.

Gemma will appear at the Essex shopping fave after she stepped in after Stacey Solomon was booked to turn the lights on but was forced to pull out a week before.

Fans have been left extreamly excited with Gemma attending the shopping village tonight as one person tweeted:

gemma collins is turning

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A ‘Very High Profile’ Friend Of Stacey Solomon had Nude Photo’s Leaked!

Stacey Solomon had revealed on Loose Women on Friday afternoon that one of her ‘high profile’ friends had nude photos leaked from their Itunes account and published online forcing them to pay ‘thousands of pounds’ to have them removed.

Solomon said:

“Someone really close to me, and very high-profile, had their iCloud hacked, and there were sexy pictures they’d sent to their partner on there.

“This person

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Katie Price Cosies Up With Olivia Attwood During ITV Gala

She’s had an ongoing row with Chris Hughes for the next few months but now things have taken another turn.

Katie has been spotted posing with Olivia Attwood backstage at the ITV Gala along with the other Loose women including Lina Robson and Stacey Solomon.

Katie looked like she was having a great time backstage despite what went on between Katie and Olivia’s boyfriend over them flirty messages.

Looking like they might be friends

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