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Johnny Mitchell Slames Ex Stephanie Pratt And Wants Her On Celebrity Big Brother

Johnny Mitchell and Stephanie Pratt dated back in 2017 bu then split all of a sudden after a few Instagram posts Stephanie shared with photos of her crying.

Now with Johnny being in the Celebrity Big Brother house has said that he wishes for Stephanie to go into the house with him and he also slated her too.

Before going into the house he said:

“She’ll hate [me doing Celebrity Big Brother] and I’m glad she hates it as well.”

Talking to New Magazine he continued:

“I pray she comes into that house.

“You can’t run away from the truth. She can sit down on the keyboard, but when you’re in the same room as me, it’s a very different story.

“Send her in. It’ll be hilarious.”

The pair had a very messy split so her entering the house would be so funny.

Love Island Star Johnny Mitchel Confirmed For Celebrity Big Brother

It’s been annouced by a series of sources that Johnny Mitchell is the first male celebrity to be confirmed for the new series of Celebrity Big Brother set to begin in the new year.

Johnny who shot to fame this summer on Love Island has been picked to appear on the show after his explosive split from girlfriend Stephanie Pratt.

A TV insider has said:

“Jonny is going to be a big hit on the show.

“Viewers really enjoyed watching him on Love Island this summer – and clearly there’s still more to see from Jonny.

“His split from Stephanie was a major factor in Channel 5 booking him for the new series.

“He is guaranteed to bring some drama to the house and romance one of the female contestants.”

We wonder if he will split about what happened in his relationship?

Jonny Mitchell Confirms He Has Split From Stephanie Part

Jonny Mitchell Confirms He Has Split From Stephanie Part

On Monday we told you that Stephanie Pratt shared a photo of selfie on Twitter with all her mascara down her face after she had been crying but and never said why.

Until now…

Jonny Mitchell has confirmed that him and Stephanie have split after dating for three months.

Jonny’s rep has told the Mailonline:

‘Jonny Mitchell and Stephanie Pratt have ended their relationship. Jonny has fond memories of the times they spent together and wishes Stephanie all the best of luck in the future.’

Sad news.

Stephanie Pratt Blames Johnny Mitchell For Teary Selfie

is there trouble in paradise.

Stephanie Pratt and Johnny Mitchell have seemed to be in such a good relationship with lots of exotic holidays away and love dup selfies but now it’s looking like tha might be over.

Over the weekend Stephanie shared a selfie of herself with her mascara all over her face after she had been crying but gave no reason why she was so upset.

Now it’s looking like her boyfriend Johnny might have been the one behind the upset.

Written on the selfie was the caption ‘Makeup by JM’ – the initials of her beau.

Now it’s been reported that Stephanie shared another post and then soon deleted it what read:

‘Legit never speaking to you again after tonight, your stuff is with security at the front gate.’

Them messages where soon deleted but then she took to her Twitter and shared:

‘3 times is a pattern – pattern that will never change.’ [sic]

Wow she really isnt happy.

What is happening here?

Love Island’s Johnny Mitchell Hits Back At ‘Showmance’ Claims About His Relationship With Stephanie Pratt

Last night we told you about how Instagram followers thought that Johnny Mitchell and Stephanie Pratt’s relationship might be a ‘showmance’.

Now Johnny has hit out at them claims and said that him and Stephanie are the real deal.

Talking to OK magazine Johnny said:

“People in a showmance aren’t going to go to Bali together,” he fired.

“Why would you go and spend loads just to make it look more believable? You’d just go to Spain or something like that.”

Also Stephanie has spoken out about the claims as she said:

Everyone I date, they say it’s a showmance,”

“But we don’t care what people think,” it’s not a showmance.”


Are Johnny Mitchell And Stephanie Pratt Having A ‘Showmance’?

Are Johnny Mitchell And Stephanie Pratt Having A 'Showmance'?

Johnny Mitchell and Stephanie Pratt look like the real deal when you look down their social media platforms but the question is is it real?

The pair have only been dating for a few months as Johnny was busy with other women including China from Love Island but fans have questioned if it’s real or not.

One fan took to Twitter and tweeted:

‘Are johnny and stephanie real? they look fake to me.’

While other have questioned if they are going to be together for long.

We have to say we personally think that they are real.

What do you think??