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Camila Cabello Admits Taylor Swift Had Nothing To Do With Her Leaving Fifth Harmony

When Camila Cabello left Fifth Harmony people where questioning if Taylor Swift had anything to do with it but now it seems not.

Camila ha sbene openring up about Taylor and confessed that no one had say whether she stayed in Fifth Harmony apart from herself.

Talking to Dan Wootton on Thursday she said:

“Absolutely nobody could ever persuade me to do something.”

She then continued to say:

“If I don’t want to do something the whole world could be telling me and I won’t do it. And if I do, then the whole world could be telling me to not do it and I’ll do it. I’ve always been that way.”

She confessed that she was left annoyed that people think Taylor had something to do with her decision:

“It annoyed me that people said that she was encouraging me, because I know she probably got a lot of flak for that or a lot of negative criticism for that, and that annoys me because I’m really protective over my friends. To be honest with you, she’s never, ever had anything to do with that.”

With such a big choice like that she had to make it by herself for sure.

Taylor Swift Confirms Camila Cabello Will TOUR With Her Along With Charli XCX On Her Reputation Tour

Earlie we told you about the rumors that Camila Cabello will be touring with Taylor Swift at her Reputation stadium tour but now Taylor has some exciting news.

Breaking the news via her Facebook page Taylor shared a video of herself telling her fans that Camila will indeed be touring with her along with Charli XCX.

We are just super excited about this news.

Have a look at what she had to say below.

Camila Cabello To Open Taylor Swift’s Reputation Tour?

it’s looking like Camila Cabello might be in talks to open Taylor Swift’s Reputation Tour.

Camila who has had so much success recently with her two latest singles hitting the number one spot in the music charts.

Portland’s Live 95.5 teased an upcoming promotion on their Twitter but since the tweet has been deleted.

A source has now spilled to US weekly:

“Camila is in final talks to open for bestie Taylor’s tour. It’s 99 percent a done deal.”

This could be so good for the Havana singer and we really think that it should happen.

What do you think??

Ed Sheeran Jokes That He Is Going To Get Elton John Tattooed On His Bottom Because He Jokes About Ed Sitting On His Face!

Ed Sheeran Jokes That He Is Going To Get Elton John Tattooed On His Bottom Because He Jokes About Ed Sitting On His Face!

He has 60 tattoos on his body but it looks like Ed Sheeran might be getting another one but it’s not going to be something like flowers or animals.

Ed has joked that he is going to get Elton John tattooed on his bottom because Elton is always asking Ed to sit on his face.

The Castle On The Hill singer admitted this during an interview with BeBox Music after he was asked if he would rather Elton or Taylor Swift tattooed on his ass.

He said:

‘I reckon Elton’s face cause he’s always asking me to sit on it. He f***ing does; I’m not even joking.’

Ed admitted that he ahs been friends with Elton for a while now and he also said that he finds it ‘weird’ being able to call the musician a friend.

That’s the showbiz world for you Ed.

Jamie Dornan & Dakota Johnson Gets Sexual During Zayn Malik & Taylor Swift’s Lyric Video For Fifty Shades Darker

Jamie Dornan & Dakota Johnson Gets Sexual During Zayn Malik & Taylor Swift's Lyric Video For Fifty Shades Darker

Over the last few weeks and months clips, music and trailers have been coming out from the new Fifty Shades Darker but now a clip has been shown of Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson getting close and sexual while Taylor Swift and Zayn Malik song plays in the background.

We just can’t wait to watch the full film now.

Have a listen and look below.

Zayn Maliks Talks About How The Fifty Shades Coloration With Taylor Swift Came About

Taylor Swift And Zayn Malik Shock With New Collaboration For Fifty Shades Darker Soundtrack

We where all shocked last week when a song for the new  Fifty Shades Of Grey film was released and it was Zayn Malik and Taylor Swift singing it.

Now Zayn has been talking about how the song came about with Elvis Duran and The Morning Show on Tuesday, and said that Taylor attracted to the song after Jack Antonoff (Lena Dunham‘s boyfriend) played it for her.

He said:

“We were kind of in separate places when I mentioned the idea to her. I spoke to her on the phone and she heard the song because Jack [Antonoff] had played it to her. So she really liked it and she went in the studio the next day.”

He continued to say:

“The interesting thing was she’s actually friends with Gi, so she already reached out because Jack had just played her the song anyway, just because we’d done it together and she really liked it.”

It really is a great little song and we can’t wait to be able to watch the film with the song in it.